Sunday, 1 July 2012

Books, Curry n' Singing Satudays.

So today my plan had been to have a rummage in the local Charity Shops with a tenner to see what kind of haul I could get.  Anyway I got as far as leaving the house and getting to the bus stop and there in the lovely sunshine, looking foxy in my new Primarni Duck dress, I thought y'know what? I can't be arsed.   so my planned post about my bargains has disappeared, possibly to be posted next Sunday.
So what did I do instead,  I lazed on the couch, ate Indian with the Hub, sang on Singstar and read Sarra Manning's new YA novel Adorkable.

Firstly a mini review of Adrokable, I am a big fan of Sarra Manning (both her YA and adult books) and for me this one was no exception.  It tells the story of Jeane Smith a teen blogger with a huge following who runs her blog Adorkable, (She kind of reminded me of Tavi Gevinson)  Despite having over half a million followers on Twitter, she is quite a lonely girl living alone in a Mansion flat whilst her parents are off doing their own thing and her sister who took care of her is on a residency in America. Her boyfriend Barney is her only friend at school until he falls for Scarlett the girlfriend of the most popular boy in school Michael Lee.  Michael talks to Jeane about this who tries to block this news and despite not getting on they find they keep kissing.
I won't say a lot more about the plot but I read some of the reviews on Amazon and a lot of people struggle to like bossy,opinionated Jeane.  Not me though, I liked her. She reminded me of myself back in my youth as I was an opinionated outsider who loved to be different, we also share a love of Haribo, girl bands and dying our hair.  Another thing I love about Sarra Manning she creates a world and a very minor character like Gustav, can also be found in You Don't Have to Say You Love Me and in 7 uses for an Ex boyfriend (i think) and in her adult books there is often a link to Skirt magazine, Molly from Guitar Girl also features in this book.  I like the relationship between Michael and Jeane and how someone who is your opposite can just connect with you sometimes.
Then it was curry O'clock.  Now I didn't take a picture of my curry (Bad blogger, bad blogger)

But to give you an idea.....
Anyway we had Onion Bajhas, Chicken Tikka Massala (Hub's choice) and a Lamb Ceylon (my choice) with plain rice, a peshwari Nan for him, a Keema Nan for me, and a Sag Aloo.  This was purchased from The Star of India, in Deal, this is probably the oldest of the Indian's in Deal, but I think the best.  The Onion B's are very big traditional types if a little oily, but they always remember your slice of lemon.  The Tikka Massala is your typical red, sweet curry for me it was still too sweet and the chicken a bit hard.  Oh but the Ceylon it was amazeballs; hot and spicy but still coconutty and the Sag Aloo was delish the potatoes were velvety and large and the spinach was delicately spiced and almost creamy. Don't know what the peshwari Nan was like as I'm not keen but the Keema Nan was good, a nice sweet soft Nan and stuffed with spicy shish style mince!  Yummo!
Then we reloaded our Singstar as when our old PS3 died, we couldn't reload our songs but now they arfe back and despite my singing prowess dimishing a little I was still beating the Hub on most tracks (although he disputes this, read the scores) and I got a Singstar on Life on Mars, though we both sucked at Heroes!
So that was Super Saturday, what did you lot do?