Sunday, 13 October 2013

Catch Up!

Sorry all for the radio silence!  But I moved in July to Swansea to be with my Mum following my Dad dying last year.

What can I say it has been strange, alien, different and I am more of a southerner than I ever thought I was and I have been more homesick than I thought would ever be possible.  Especially as I was architect of this new venture.

So I have been feeling a bit Meh and poor me!  A bit like in Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton film not the book) where the mad hatter says: "You used to be much more, muchier!"

Anyway now I am feeling a bit more like myself, I will start blogging again (I intend to find my blasted camera this evening, so you can have pics as well as words)  I have some fun things planned reviews of my favourite brands for bigger girls, a adventure to Plus London, Yorkfest with my good friends and some beauty reviews from my recent hauls.

Ta ta for now type again soon.