Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Blogtober #1 - Introduction

I am trying to Blog more, because when I do write I really enjoy it it is just work and life sometimes gets in the way, y'know how it is!  Anyway whilst on my week off I have been pretty motivated and wanted to keep that up, so when I saw Nikki from Natty Nikki was doing a blog challenge I thought, right I'm in.

So introducing me I am Vicky I like to write I like dogs, Chocolate, eating in general, retro stuff, print dresses, dying my hair, long to be a domestic goddess but usually fail at it, I spend too much money on clothes and food, am facing 40 head on with a twinkle in my eye and a don't give a shit attitude.  There is loads to say but I cover a lot of it in my about me section on my blog so don't want to witter on.

Photo by Blast photography at Plus London

I am married to The Hub who sometimes gets a mention but usually says I am misrepresenting him and I have a dog called Beyonce who is also known a Po, Bee, Madame Beyonce, Bebe as well as many other variations, she maybe the love of my life.

The 2 loves of my life

Last year I moved to Swansea by mistake (no offence to Swansea I just miss home) so now I am moving back but more of that later.

At the top is a list of topics that I will write on over the next month although I am already ducking out on instagram cos, I'm not on it as I have a Blackberry due to my retro hatred of touch pads.  I'm no good ar Blog design either so techno wizz's feel free to help me out.

Thanks for reading x

Also doing this challenge is:
If I become aware of anyone else I will add them later

Meet Teddy

Once I had a coat of magnificent perfection its name was Harry and I must say it was fucking marvellous.  I had lusted after it for a while in Miss Selfridge and one cold January day it went into the sale and it was mine.  It was a very obviously fake leopard print coat which for some inane reason people would ask:  "Is it real?" to which I would reply yes it was once my cuddly toy Harry and laugh.  In this coat I felt like a real mid 90's scene queen.  Alas Harry is long gone and few pictures exist of this mythical coat, bar this one of me and my friend Steve when we borrowed a Caravan on a Haven Park and bored one day dressed up as Sid and Nancy.

As years passed Harry became a distant memory and then starring at me on a bus stop advert I saw it!   Teddy who if coats were really people be Harry's uncle.  I looked on Tesco website and saw it was only available in a size 6, 8, or 10 so I thought I would go to the big one in Swansea where I found one available in my size and that the True Range is doing a version it was in store up to a size 26.

So I present to you - Teddy

Although I may look horrified this is my screaming in excitement face at finding an affordable coat of dreams.

Yes it is more Dynasty than the original Grunge version back in the 90's but perhaps I am at a point in my life where I need a little Dynasty, but probably give it a winter with me (I can be pretty hardcore on my clothes) it will be looking a bit more ratty and Grunge.   In honour of the original Harry I think of him as his flash Uncle Teddy who drives a Jag but lives on beans on toast.

To wear it is lush it is soft as a ball of fluff, swingy, makes me feel like Joan Collins even in a pair of jeans and has the feel about it like the original leopard print coat of dreams that anything could happen.

This is my what would Joan do Face
I don't usyally end with questions but I am genuinely interested do you have any long gone items of clothing that you can't get out of your head and why?

Raw Like Sushi - Nishimura, Swansea

Sometimes a girl has gotta eat and she doesn't want a sandwich for lunch or some soup, she wants some fancy pants sushi.  In honesty I am a big fan of Japanese food and when I heard there was a new one opened in Swansea a mild longing became a full on I WANT get in my mouth now!

So I grabbed the Mama, as The Hub is not a fan and is engrossed in a new Video Game and as I have worked like a bitch all last month and it is near pay day said I would treat her to lunch.  From outside it is nothing special really a plainish looking shop front with a small bench in front of the window, that I prayed I wouldn't be seated at as I would have felt like I was eating in a fish bowl but I think my Mum who is a self confessed nosy parker would have liked this, apart from this there was a very long Japanese style dining bench, so if the idea of sitting next to a stranger freaks you out this is not the place for you.

So the food we both had a main and a side which we shared.  For my main I had Chirashi Don which is sushi rice topped with Salmon, Octopus, other types of Sashimi, egg, prawn and something called amarbi which is a sweet shrimp and a miso soup.  It was beautifully presented but bad blogger me forgot to take a picture, but they did have a picture on their website.

Image taken from Nishimura's own website

If anything it was even prettier in its presentation.  However, as soon as I ordered I realised I had made a mistake as it was served cold although nice I wouldn't get this again as I discovered I don't like Sashimi as much as I thought some of it was just to like munching the seabed for my liking and I do like hot food better than cold as a rule.  Also the Amarbi (sweet prawn) was very strange and not something I would go out of my way to eat again as a sweetish/pickled prawn is odd and left as starange sensation in my mouth.  I warmed the rice by mixing it with the miso and that worked well for me.

My Mum's Main was a lovely Seafood Hotpot but we didn't read the menu carefully enough as all the other Hotpots came with noodles but the seafood was just vegetables and seafood which is great for something light but if you wanted something more substantianal I would get some noodles or rice to accompany.

I thought this was lovely packed with seafood and veggies with a nice delicate taste and was a hit with both me and my Mum.  We also had some Gyoza which were perfectly cooked hot tasty, crisp without overdoing it and not oily they were such a hit no pictures were taken.

Finally we had a rainbow Sushi this roll was crabstick and cucumber inside and topped with different toppings of tuna, salmon, sea bass and avocado and was lovely and colourful.  This sushi was fresh soft and tasty, served at the perfect temperature and frankly a work of art to look at.

Following the success of this I bought some spicy dragon roll sushi to take home, it was nice but not as good, but the packaging was cute with a sticker on the box with the restaurant logo on it and chopsticks.

 The service was good attentive but not intrusive and very polite, we were also the only caucasians in the place when I arrived which I always think is a sign that it is a good authentic place.  I am a bit cack handed so I tend to take training chopsticks (as I am trying to learn for my planned South Korea adventure) with me that I think got some amused glances from the men next to me but when I forgot them and Mum went back for them the older ladies nearer the counter seemed to think they were clever.  So I will leave you with a pic of my training chopsticks do they help?  Well I can eat well with them but don't feel that my actual chopstick technique has improved tremendously so maybe I will update.

If you want to know more about Nishimura, they have a pretty good website with location a full menu complete with pictures.

Monday, 29 September 2014

#OOTD Start wearing Purple For Me

As the crisper Autumn days are coming I am beginning to crave the richer Autumnal colour palettes of oranges, browns and of course purple.

As i mentioned previously whilst perusing the Yours store in Swansea on its opening I fell in love with a fluffy purple cardigan, it wasn't really my usual style as I tend to go for a finer knit but it was so bloody cosy and felt as soft as a puppy's fur I had to have it.  Then when I ventured into the basement where the sale was they had the lovely purple playsuit that was seen on Betty Pamper and Becky Brown  at the bargain price of £15.00 (there is also a black version of this) I  loved the colour of it  and wondered if I could make it work in an in an autumn/winter way.

So I thought I would team it with the fluffy cardie, some opaque tights and biker boots and see how it went.  I can tell you it was a cosy outfit I am happy with the fit of the playsuit as it is fitted where I want it to be a loose where needed and I felt the length was just right.

The Biker boots were a bargain at £18.00 from Primark they are comfy, seem to be sturdy and have chunky heels.

The Boots and cardie with the dress has a 90's vibe which as someone who was a teen in the late 80's early 90's pleases me and is in keeping with my love of nostalgia.

Where to get my outfit from:
Playsuit - Yours
Cardigan - Yours
Tights - Body sensor 100 dernier Marks and Spencers
Boots - Primark.

Finally all that purple in one outfit started me thinking of Gogol Bordello and Start Wearing Purple which is a song I enjoy and never fails to make me smile so I have attached it here for your pleasure.

Thanks for reading now have a good day listen to Gogol Bordello and smile x

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Only In Your Underwear

I LOVE underwear and always plan on being the girl with the lovely matching pants and bra sets and every so often I have a massive cull leaving only the pretties and none of the scuzzy chewing gum grey pants that are bloody comfy but frankly have seen better days and frankly sometimes in this working, cash strapped, busy girls life I sometimes just want comfort and cheap so Asda with their colourful Penelope Pitstop Pants at 3 for a fiver and Marks 3 packs of High Leg pants come in.

But this post isn't about that oh no!  This is about the fripperies I would allow myself is cash were no object!

I looked at trusty Marks and Spencer, home of my first bra.  Unfortunately at a E cup I looked at their DD+ Bras and was a bit disapointed but I thought this was pretty, but a boo goes out as the back stops at a 38 and the knickers at a 20.  But I do like it as it is chic, simple and sexy but come on Marks just cos your fat doesn't mean you want boring undies.

Again this one is pretty and going up to a 42 back is great but again big thumbs down as the knickers stop at a 20.  So on that note I stopped looking on Marks's and why they can kiss my round pound goodbye.

I said this was about money being no object but if you can live within your budget Asda is good.  I knowit isn't sexy but I think it does some lovely sets and goes up a bit bigger than Marks' and is pocket friendly as unfortunately for most people I know money is an issue on some level.  This Bra is fun, youthful, only £4.00 goes up to a 42 G and has matching knickers that go up to a 24 at £2.50 or 3 for 6!  I have got a couple of Asda bras the first I bought was appalling but I tried again a few years later and was pleasantly surprised.   Also Asad have a wonderful pair of Wonderwoman pants they are not a set so I won't put them on but if your a fan there here.

Now to the more expensive I have loved Curvy Kate for a while and they were so lovely in their bra fittings at Plus London that they remain a fave.  Their every day boost bra remains on my every day lust list and I will get it one day.  But making my heart sing and my wallet itch right now is the Starlet Frost set in Boysenberry.  Bit sad for larger fats that the knickers stop at a 20 and althought the bra does go to a J cup this is only for up to a 30 back whilst my size which is a 36 E is Curvy Kate Bras goes up to GG.  But I can forgive that for this glorious colour, the smooth but sexy lines and the retro style high waisted briefs.

Finally I think Simply Be have got some absolute stunning sets in at the moment.  I am loving the opulent full on glamour of the Anna Scholtz collection and this Vintage Rose one is beautiful, I bought the Pink bra and high waisted knickers from the Summer collection and I loved how it was packaged when it came but I would size down in the pants as I bought my usual 22 bottom as I didn't want a stretched pattern but they were frankly a bit big.  However I am hoping at some point this beauty will be in my wardrobe.

It comes with the matching Kimono and I dare The Hub to make a Keith Lemon crack at me, I swear it will be citizens divorce time, as the swishy silkyness and the print will make me feel like the sensuous type who could take lovers if she liked and drinks pink champagne for breakfast.  Oh my rich fantasy life.

Finally I bought this number the fun, flirty and cute Audrey Bra I love the Gingham print and that it makes me feel like a retro beauty queen.  At £24.00 for the bra it wasn't cheap in my book but I kept going back to it and looking at it which must mean I love it.  I would post a pic but I am unsure of how my work would take to me posing in pants online but I am wearing it as i type and I can confirm it has good support, feels sexy and nice.  My Hub said Wow which he explained was a good Wow, so all in all a winner.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

OOTD - Is there anything more beautiful than a beautiful, beautiful flamingo

I have lusted after this dress for a long long time since Summer and at times it looked like it would never be mine, there were problems with the fabric the inital fabric it was made with had a flaw in it so the maker had to send the fabric back, then postage problems, fit problems and now here finally here it is.  A big fat thanks to Gem at Uncommon Nonsense for her patience.

Uncommon Nonsense is a Alice in Wonderland inspired independent company that makes fabulous frocks at really reasonable prices if you haven't checked them out do they are wonderful original frocks that can be bespoke made as Gem knows not all bodies are the same and the customer service is second to none.  All the dresses come with cute collars and many of the materials have a nod to Alice in Wonderland which is perfect for me as it was one of my favourite books as a child.

So here it is in all it's glory and despite my bitch face I am really happy with this dress and it fits like a dream.

I kept it simple teaming  it with a Black cardie I would have liked to have teamed it with my denim jacket but unfortunately this was in Kent.  Black bodysenor tights from Marks and Top Shop shoes and for the eagle eyed I have a Janine Basil bow in my hair.

Cardigan - George at Asda
Shoes - Top shop (old, but they sell the same or very similar)
Hair band - Janine Basil

Friday, 26 September 2014

My Lovely Dad - Mesothelioma Awareness Day

I don't usually do these kinds of posts but I touched on Mesothelioma, which is a type of Cancer caused by exposure to asbestos a while ago when my Dad's came back.  Recently I was contacted by Heather who has suffered from Mesothelioma if I would do a post on my blog today as it is Mesothelioma awareness day.

Unfortunately for my Dad, despite 5 years following successful radical surgery of being cancer free but probably not living in those 5 years the type of life he would have liked to live, he died 4 months after the return of his cancer.  Leaving me devastated, raw, an emotional mess who made too many decisions too quickly and a void in my family.

The thing with Mesothelioma is you only get it through exposure to asbestos, my Dad was exposed to asbestos at 15 when he worked in the Bristol shipyard as an apprentice Ships Carpenter and they had a rush job where he had to rip out the ships lagging which was asbestos and it is my belief that everyone who worked on that job died of the disease.  So after 50 years of the spores lying dormant it materialised.

So why am I writing this?  I suppose to raise awareness during and after my Dad's illness I have met a lot of people who work or have worked labouring and many have done cash in hand jobs removing asbestos and I know that it was used in houses until the 70's so people may have it in them or their sheds and if you do please pay the extra and get it removed properly and check that it is still intact as I believe it can become unstable and leak spores.

I don't have many pictures of my Dad on my computer but I do have one of me and him on my wedding day, it is fitting as my Dad was a peacock who loved clothes and he was the one who came to chose my wedding dress not my Mum as she hates shopping.  So I will finish this post with a the picture of me and him, I am thankful for all the years I had with my Dad and the relationship we had I am just greedy and would have liked more and that is why I am writing this post to raise awareness of asbestos and Mesothelioma.

You can find out a lot more about Mesothelioma here and more about Heather here

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Yours Clothing - Swansea Opening

A confession apart from the £1.00 dress I have never shopped in Yours I have no idea why I just haven't!  I have seen a lot opening first Llanelli when I was living in Wales, then Ashford now I am back in Kent and I have still never been as I worked on the opening days then sort of forgot as they are not places I go shopping.

Anyhow I am visiting Swansea as I am sort of between here and Kent at the moment and I got a e mail to say a new store was opening on the 25th so it seemed rude not to go.

What can I say I liked it as apart from Evans in the Quadrant there is no other plus size stores in Swansea and New Look took the Inspire range from in the store in Swansea centre, so apart from Primark and Boots I didn't venture much into Swansea itself.

My apologies I didn't take any pictures of the store itself but if your local or visiting it is in the main shopping area of Oxford Street on the opposite corner to Top Shop.  The ladies in the shop were fabulously helpful and it was jam packed with pretty clothes with some good functional pieces like jeans and vests tops at good prices, I felt like the price point was a bit lower than Simply Be who I have used and do use.

Add caption

These ladies were super helpful the lovely girl in the the purple top took pictures for me in the changing room, sought out jeans for me, offered to get different sizes and implored me to buy a dress that I am afraid I didn't as I felt I needed more functional clothes.  Whilst the other lovely lady pointed me in the direction of the sale downstairs and who can resist a sale.

First I tried a lovely lace dress which had in my mind a slight Gatsby vibe to it, this is the dress the sales assistant thought I needed to buy and which I might at a later date.

I also tried a very floaty pink dress on that reminded me of summers days, it was very pretty and girly but maybe not quite me.

Then I tried some Jeans which were a good fit but a little long, a vest top which was a lovely fit and nice and long and a Kimono top that I liked but me and Kimono's have a bit of a love hate since the first time I wore one when the hub said I looked like a cross between a art teacher and Keith Lemon cheers for that love!

Finally I tried on a very snuggly warm purple cardie which I did buy again The Hub is not a fan but I really don't care as it is warm and I love the colour.

In all i was impressed with my first visit and felt there was quite a wide range of clothes and I used my £5.00 discount on some vests and the a purple playsuit (I didn't get a pic as I rushed down to the Sale whilst Mum queued) that caused controversy when Betty Pamper dared to wear it with bare legs and the trolls came out to play which I think I can rock this winter with the purple cardie, tights and biker boots.  Whilst my Mum treated me using her £5.00 off voucher to the Purple Cardie.

Some final words from the changing room wall on how the morning made me feel, I found this to be a warm welcoming store which will give plus size ladies more choice in Swansea.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Crumbs At The Table?

As a fashion loving self confessed fattie lately I have been wondering in the feast that is fashion am I being left with a crumbs at the table that I am meant to be oh so grateful for!  As after all I couldn't possibly a woman who has allowed herself to pork out (I believe is one charming expression) have the audacity to believe I deserve the same choices as everyone who isn't in my fat club.
For example I was pretty excited when I heard Voodoo vixen was launching a Plus Size Range, but when I looked online at it, yeah the cardies were nice but the dresses left me cold.   No fitted, shorter than knee length, peekabo necklines these were all mid calf, not flared and if I am frank I felt they looked Mumsy.

Meanwhile in the main range, they get these:

And it is great that there are more retailers doing Plus Size but I feel it is limited and although I have looked at Voodoo vixen in this post there are other retailers like H and M all doing the same offering slivers and crumbs that they expect me to go ooohhhhhh thanks I can wear clothes.

Also I feel gradually with the rise of the internet although we have more choice, the opportunities for clothes shopping as a day out or a social experience are really limited.  Oxford Street itself only has Evans and Simply Be.  Whilst most of the High Street Stores like New Look try to get my round pound over the internet or at the back of their store like I am a dirty secret.

I don't have the answers I just want to be able to go shopping with any of my friends whether they are fat, thin or inbetween and shop in the same shops with the same choices and not skulk away on the internet to find my clothes is that so much to bloody ask?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

OOTD - Sweet Saturdays

Soooooo I am aware it has been a while since I posted on my little bloggy, but I have been a busy Twee moving back from Wales, which hasn't been smooth sailing but perhaps more of that another time.

So today I have a rare Saturday off where I can indulge myself and see friends who work normalish hours.  So off I went to see my dear friend Maxi Moo for a cuppa and a snack at a new cafe in Deal where I live.  It was a nice morning so my pictures are quite smiley a departure from my usual bitch face.

Yesterday I dyed my hair a pastel pink over a pale blue so it is kinda pale pinky lilac which reminds me of sweeties, so I decided there was only one print for it my Vampire Bunnies Junk food dress.

I did wear this dress to Plus London last year but I love it so much I think you all need to see it again to truly appreciate it.  I like Vampire Bunnies and although they only do to a size 18 on the website, they do custom orders for larger sizes, making it longer and putting straps although they do charge a bit extra for this.  A lot of their designs feature the elastic back I have some mixed feelings about this as although it allows for growing and shrinking, I sometimes think it can flatten my boobies a bit in the sweetheart styles.

I teamed this with my trusty H by Henry Holland Denim Jacket from last year and my Red Mel shoes from a little shop in London.  I love these cos there Red and they have bows!

I also gave my wonderful Blackheart Creatives " Your the one for me Fattie."  Necklace a outing cos I'm the kind of girl who wants a cupcake with her Junkfood.

And as I am trying to grow the pixie out into a bob and it is getting longer (But not that long as you can see) I added a bow headband from Janine Basil to round it all off.  These are amazing and glittery and available in loads of colours too!

My lipstick is a Bourjois is a Rouge Edition Velvet in Ole Flamingo and I am impressed as this is after eating a Croque Monsieur and drinking a cup of tea at Deal's newest Cafe,  Hope and Lane.

Sorry I should have taken a pic whilst it wasn't half eaten but I was starving!!!  I quite liked the place there was big selection of teas and coffees and a small variety of pastries and snacks to go with this but no bigger hot snacks so probably won't become a local favourite for me, that said the Croque was good but would have liked a bigger cheese to white sauce ratio.

Finally a gratuitous shot of the church that was the backdrop for the pictures as I love Deal and there is many pretty buildings in my little town.

Shop my look:

Shoes - Mel (similar here as old)
Denim Jacket - H by Henry Holland at Debenhams (similar here)
Headband - Janine Basil