Sunday, 31 May 2015

My Five Plus Size Summer Promises

The wonderful Debz at Wannabe Princess took inspiration from the lovely Katt at A curvy Cupcake who did this amazing and positive blog on her summer promises to herself, I have posted it so if you haven't watched it have a look here.

So taking inspiration from this Debz challenged us to post 5 promises to ourselves for this summer.  So these are mine:

1/ To Get my legs out.

I like to think of myself as confident but looking through these blogs and all my photos my legs don't come out at all, they are always shrouded in black leggings or tights.  So this summer I think it is time that they came out to play.

2/ To eat ice cream in public (an anything else I fancy)

To be honest I don't have a problem eating in public but this summer I will continue to eat what I like and offends any one, I don't care and I do not do this just because I like food but as a statement of this fat girl will eat in public and she don't give a damn if that offends you.

3/ To embrace the Fatkini

Last summer I was wildly jealous of the girls who wore bikinis and I want in, after not wearing one since 1996 I want in I want the marvelous feel of sunshine on my midriff.

4/ To get my arms out more.

I do get my arms out but often I will wear a denim jacket or a cardie this summer they are coming out a bit more.

5/ To enjoy summer.

It is only a few months of the year and I love it. It usually makes me happier and more positive so I just wanna live life to the full throughout it.

Please read the other bloggers involved and share the love, as I am late posting I haven't read them yet and can'y wait.

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Monday, 11 May 2015

She's Not Ashamed To Come Out Of The Water.

Wow!  What amazing time it has been in the Plus Size Blogesphere, with the airing of Plus Size Wars (Ladies you all rocked! and were seriously articulate)  this was followed by Jamelia's very literal body shaming that I should be so ashamed of my size that I should be made to feel uncomfortable when I dare to look for clothes to adorn my body!  Oh bore off, hasbeen!  Katie Hopkins has already been voted the nations number one mouthpiece so that role is filled, try and find a new unique selling point Ms I'm against bullying but it's fine to bully the fat or very thin.  Big thanks to Debz at Wannabe Princess that created the hashtag #wearethethey, a most brilliant response to such stupidity!

Unfortunately throughout this exciting time I was silent as work stuff meant I didn't feel like blogging and was too tired/busy, but I loved reading everyone else's stuff.

Anyhow in celebration of being fine, fat and forty, I intend to parade my fat old body in my first bikini since my twenties and these beauties are the contenders.  The first sites I looked at were the US based sites but around $80.00 is a bit costly for a bikini especially with possible postage and customs.

The first contender is this Avon Bikini, Avon is definitely not even somewhere I think of when considering clothing but this beauty is affordable at £9.00 for the top and £8.00 for the bottoms.  The sizes are up to a 40F on top and a 26 on the bottom.

A bit pricier but also very lovely is this summer rose set from Asos it goes up to 42F on top and a size 28 on the bottom.

I have no idea of what the quality of this would be like but if you are a smaller fat and I would say more modestly sized on top like me, this might work.  It goes up to a size 22 and is under £6.00 on e bay.

This bikini by Liz McClarnon is fun and fruity I can see it teamed with a fun fruity clutch for a day out at the beach.  Although I am pretty confident my only concern it is a bit lower waisted than the others but the print is so fun it could win me over.

So which would you choose and what will you be wearing at the beach this Summer?