Monday, 23 March 2015

Here's What I Would Have Spent Asos Main Range

When Debz from The Secret Diary of A Wannabe Princess organised another blogger challenge, showing what us plus size ladies would have spent I knew I had to be involved, as I have long had a dream of all sizes being able to shop together in perfect harmony.

The brand selected was Asos, who I have a lot of love for as they were a trailblazer bringing out their Curve range when no one else was really doing it, also it has a pretty good range and I feel they do there bit.  To be honest I don't look at their main range a lot as I know I will only want things and having looked at it for this challenge I am almost pleased that they don't do my size as I could be in financial ruin.

I didn't look at their whole range as the list was becoming ridiculous, but here are my favourites.

I love the a dress and the dresses here have a delicious retro vibe to them.  I love the pink candy 60's embellished shift and the loud print shifts that remind me slightly of a blind I had in my student house.  Finally I love the green jacquard dress which to me reminds me of what Audrey Hepburn would wear if she was shopping now.

I adore a print and this dinosaur print outfit is just amazing and I think this print would be up there with my all time favourites.
Again I am a huge T shirt fan and wear them a lot at work.  The Barbie T shirt reminds me of a cross between Nikki Minaj and Barbie, also I love Barbie and a fun fact is for a while I collected them.  Then the Cupcake long sleeved T shirt reminds me of Calender Girls and I can't resist Cupcake tits.

Finally those who know me both on social media and in real life know I am lusting hard over a tutu skirt and this one if there was any left anywhere near my size would be in my wardrobe, unfortunately I didn't know how generous the bigger sizes were until they were all sold out.

So there are my top picks and although I love Curve, God I could spend on your main range so come on roll out those perfect 60's style dresses, dino prints tutu's and fab T's so I can get my chubby paws on them.  

To see what the other bloggers would have spent:


Friday, 20 March 2015

#PSBloggerLove - Michaela from Cardiffornia Gurl

The lovely Debz of The Not So Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess inspired by the #Youarefab and all the positive feels that gave people, has organised this brilliant challenge #PSBloggerLove.  As I have been inspired so much by PS Bloggers, feeling they have made me more adventurous in my choices and have helped a renewed love of fashion, I knew I wanted to show my appreciation and was thrilled when I got Cardiffonia Gurl.

I first heard of Michaela's blog when I lived in South Wales and loved the name Cardiffornia Gurl.  I was all excited then about 18 months ago as I didn't know any other psbloggers in Wales and excitedly went to check it out to discover she didn't live in Cardiff any more but London!  But never mind it was still a excellent blog.

I think I may have chatted briefly to Michaela at Plus London 3 back in November 2013, if I didn't I remember seeing her as she was wearing a beautiful Anna Scholtz dress in red houndstooth, that I was lusting over with biker boots and a cool beehive.

Although I have never met Michaela, she has made a huge difference to my underwear life.  As after struggling to find a decent strapless bra for years after reading her post on the strapless Wonderbra (a brand I wouldn't have considered as I think of them for thin smaller breasted women)  and seeing how well it supported her in the pictures I went out and bought one a decision I have not regretted and I have worn it to concerts where I may have jumped up and down a bit.

Over the years I think her style has developed and I think of her style now as effortlessly cool wearing beautifully body fitting clothes for night time and lovely fitted trousers and tops for day usually teamed with a lovely jacket.  She is not afraid of a pattern and frankly rocks these Here are some of my favourite outfits posted.

I am quite jealous of her photography as I think it is really crisp and lovely, using different locations I am going to try and bully my photographer (AKA the hub) to go out.  Also what can I say the girl also knows how to strike a pose, something I am still working on myself and I love the variety of poses she does as it really shows off her outfit posts brilliantly.

Finally until writing this and looking at her blog I had never noticed how excellent her tattoos are, especially this little beauty she posted a picture of.

Although Micheala's style is pretty different from mine that is what I love about the Psblogging world, we are all very different women with different styles and being able to read all  these amazing blogs with brilliant style ideas gives me different ideas about how I can dress, style things, shop and generally has given me more confidence in how I look and dress.  For that I will be forever thankful and if I can do that for one other woman than I will be well chuffed.

*All photos taken from Cardiffornia Gurl Blog.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Book Review - The Third Wife

In my goals I said I wanted to read more this year I think 25 is the target, in the past this wouldn't have been many at all as I used to devour books like chocolate and probably read over 100 in year.  I am doing pretty well I think so far I have managed 5 books and I read this one a while ago and thought I would share my thoughts on it.

Image taken from Random House

I am a big fan of Lisa Jewell and have read all of her books since Ralph's Party usually as near to publication as I can.  However, I am a bit late reading The Third Wife I bought it at the end of July last year, I was in the middle of moving and I did try reading it then but for whatever reason I didn't connect with the characters as much as I usually do with her books.  Anyhow I started it again at the weekend and I must have connected as its finished now.

The Third Wife tells the story of Adrian Wolfe and his seemingly happy family, despite Adrian having left two wife's, five children and having being on number three, the younger Maya everyone gets along famously, going on family holidays together and are seemingly happy with how things have turned out.  Then one night Maya extremely drunk steps or falls in front of a bus. Through the fall out of this Adrian goes on a journey that leads him to understand more about Maya, himself and his family and if everyone is as happy with things as they seemed on the surface.

I don't want to say too much more about the plot as too many details could spoil it but I will reveal as I am pretty sure that it is on the blurb there is a mysterious character, Jane who seems to be following the family and part of the book is finding out where she comes into it.

So what did I think I did enjoy the book but found I wasn't as hungry as I am to know about the characters as I usually am with Lisa Jewell's books, although I found myself strangely drawn to Suzie, Adrian's first wife and wanting to know more about her.  Adrian is a selfish but likeable man who like many people has little idea of the damage his actions can cause although not one of his actions are malicious but generally although I felt sorry for him I found myself to be ambivalent about him.  As the book progressed Maya did fascinate me and what her motivations were and she is definitely present throughout the book in a way more powerful and present than she was in life.

I would recommend The Third Wife to others especially those who like well drawn characters in contemporary situations, well thought out relationships and a bit of suspense.  I think my only problem was with the ending which was a perhaps a bit happily ever after but perhaps not impossible.

Sunday, 8 March 2015


Sorry for the silence I haven't been feeling it lately.  I have felt tired and a bit blah!  Sure pretty stuff still excites me and I have been planning some killer outfits for that upcoming Birthday I may have mentioned about a thousand times.  But if I am honest most of the time I have been sat around in my PJ's or jeans and a jumper (really fashion forward) with no make up and glasses on, you will be pleased during this slobbish period I have maintained personal hygiene at least.

I always have plans for this blog and would like to post more OOD, adventures and stuff but at the moment nothing is shouting at me, maybe it is the post Christmas slump or maybe it is just I have lost my mojo.  The only thing I am sure of is I will write again and if that is just for me that is cool, as I am always pleasantly shocked that people actually read my random ramblings.

Until then I will leave you with a pic of my new shoes, (thanks people on e bay who bought my old threads) cos there pretty even in a shit photo, aren't they?

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Colour Me March

So it looks like Spring is finally rearing its glorious head and spring time outings are being planned, one is the ladies day at Cheltenham.  I have never been to the races and I'm not sure as a veggie animal lover if horse racing is for me, but I suppose if you've never been you can't condemn it.  Anyway I am still not going as I am working on the day, but was approached by etail PR who are sending around 100 hundred bloggers to ladies day and asked if I would plan an outfit to wear and who can resist planning a beautiful, colourful spring outfit.

So here is my colourful and very girly Ladies day outfit, obviously money is no object, nor the item location/  However, I have stayed true to my plus size roots and I would be able to wear this outfit as the dress goes up to a size 26.

The dress is a Ophelia from Lindy Bop and costs £34.99, I would probably team it with the lovely candy pink net underskirt suggested by Lindy Bop with the dress.

As it is the races some sort of headwear is essential and I thought this beautiful fascinator from Crown and Glory would be just perfect.  It costs £25.99 and I think it is just really girly and screams spring and summer to me.

Finally these are gorgeous Robbie shoes from BAIT footwear an American Brand that I love and dearly hope will start selling in the UK (please make it so if anyone is reading) they cost $68.00 and are pink and sparkly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is my lovely Ladies Day outfit which screams girly and pink to me, can't wait to see what other bloggers would wear.