Thursday, 23 October 2014

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

I really liked the first Look Magazine Collection for Simply Be, but never got round to buying any of it!  So when the second came out I really liked the colour palette of the blues and oranges, but I didn't want another dress as I have a lot of dresses in my life but can't really wear them at work, so I thought the Orange top might be a wise buy wearable for work but still nice for days off.

As you can see it is a lovely Zingy colour and we warm but not toasty perfect for these warmish Autumn days.  It has a lovely boxy shape and is quite short some people might like it a bit longer as I have quite a short body and it is quite short on me.  This is a size 22 so I would say it is pretty true to size.  At £30.00 it is definitely on the upper end of what I would personally pay for a top but I did get this at 30% off making it £24.00.

The whole top has a deliciously 80's vibe which I celebrated in this very 80's catalogue pose and by teaming it with my Peaches Jeans also by Simply Be which I cannot recommend highly enough and my faithful but simple ballet flats.

I have my eye on the orange shirt dress too, but y'know so many clothes so little money, so we'll see.

Ps if we can all bear with my dodgy hair it is a transitional I dunno WTF I'm doing with it stage any advice in comments gratefully received!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Blogtober#5 Bucket List

Apologies Blogtober came to a startling halt as I was finally able to move back into my house!  Yeay! meaning life and lack of internet got in the way of Blogging activities!  I am going to work my may through Blogtober as it is a great idea, thanks Nikki!

I have a bit of a Bucket List as life is short and meant to be lived as you never know when it will be snatched away as only this week a lovely boy who I worked with died and wasn't even 30!  I myself have had cancer and lost my Dad 2 years ago so feel like stuff to make you feel like your living is important.

I have a short term list that I wrote about here on the blog.  As well as this I have a longer term one and here it is.

To have a published book - I have been writing a book forever and it is hard but I would love this to flourish, be finished and available to buy in a major bookshop.

I am a geek I am not going to apologise and I would love to go indulge my geekery at Harry Potter World.  I am Luna Lovegood I think which HP character are you?

I would love to go Peru and see the Nazca lines and Inca ruins.  I think the patterns only visable from the sky are fascinating and wonder who put them there and why????

I want to go to Seoul, I find K pop, Korea its culture, food and history really interesting.

Tokyo, pretty much for the same reasons as Seoul.

To go to Glastonbury, I have been to a few festivals but have never been to the Daddy of them all.

And finally I would love to renew my vows in Vegas, we got married there and I would love to do it again but a bit less formally and with Elvis

So that's me what about you guys?

Monday, 6 October 2014

Curverella T shirt

Those who read Plus size Blogs will be more than familiar with Nicky Rockets and his plus size heroine Curverella.  I have 2 of these T shirts this one Invasion of the Killer Curves and the Do You Want Curves with That?  But for some reason I have never got round to having either of them photographed.  The tag line for the website is T shirts designed for and inspired by all the super curvy women in the world, and the T shirts are inspired by his wife the amazing Betty Pamper who wanted a curvy role model for her daughter.

With more than a nod to the retro B movies of the 50's i went with my hair in an old Dolly Cool Cherry print Bandanna and attempted a sort of quiff affair, I did the boring and obvious teaming with a pair of jeans and in fairness this is a very off to work sort of outfit for me.  

I certainly like these T shirts and always look forward to seeing new versions to see what adventures Curverella has next, as I love the fact there is a sexy, kick ass heroine who has adventures out there inspired by us the Plus Sized Girls.