Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Blast at Plus London 2013

So I attended my first Plus London organised by some lovely plus size bloggers, before I went I had so many plans that I would take hundreds of pics and create a fabulous blog with tons of pics to match on these days.  However, in true Twee style that plan went a little bandy from the start.

I was supposed to meet a lovely lady called Sam from Bristol on the train and I duly trotted to Swansea train station in plenty of time sat on the train at at 07:28 a train pulled out just not mine, as you might have guessed (especially those who know me I was sat on the wrong train)  texts and the like were sent to Sam, and I did a desperate dash to Bristol Parkway Station (thanks Mum) but I arrived as Sam's train pulled out!  We did finally meet at Paddington, Sam kindly waited for me and I arrived half an hour late.

Sam and me having met

We then headed to Hoxton Arches where the event was being held.  I have to admit I felt a little intimidated by the fabulous, glamourous and downright sexy bloggers who I follow and styles I admire.  I looked at the stalls buying an amazing "Your the one for me Fatty" necklace from the very talented and lovely Charlotte at Blackheart Creatives, admired clothes on the stalls and discovered from my choices at the Simply Be stall that I still have not got over my fascination with Alexis Carrington Colby from Dynasty as my choices veered towards 80's stylee with sequins and a silver biker jacket on my lust list.

I had a fab fitting from Curvy Kate and the bra I tried on will be on my list of things to buy.  Listened to a talk and q and a from Blackheart creatives and Twisted Siren about their brands.  Had a photoshoot with amazing Blast that was much more self conscious than those taken after dark.  Then a my make up done by lovely Betty Pamper, there is a nice pic on her website.

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After chatting with several wonderful women and finally meeting up with the very sweet Mookie, we headed to our accommodation, ate, had a few drinks, visited a old school friend in the Hoxton area before heading back to After Dark.

At after dark Lauren greeted me with a chub rub shot which helped me get in the mood and with the cool and talented DOMO DJ ing I had a fab night of dancing and meeting lots of great people.  I loved my shoot with Blast after dark, and the night flew after a cheeky kebab  we headed back.

In the morning nursing a bit of a sorry head we headed over to a quiet venue, I chatted with the lovely Rachel from Red Bows and her partner ate cake, but due to a unforeseen footie derby between Swansea and Cardiff headed back earlier than I would have liked.

Thanks to the organisers for the event it left me feeling empowered as a plus size woman who at times struggles and thinks sod it, I should diet, I'm not health or sexy, as seeing all those gorgeous plus size women  doing their thing reminded me that actually we look pretty damn HAWT!

There were so few pics taken by me after my incessant nagging of my husband to find the camera that I have relied on my Blast pics who frankly did it 100 times better than I could have.