Friday, 28 February 2014

Fat Babe Designs

Those who are familiar with the Rachele from Near Sighted Owl will have seen her fabulous Fat Babe Designs Portraits, when I saw these I knew I had to have one, so here it is:

And I love it for the eagle eyed among you, you will see I am wearing my Pocket Rocket Ice Cream Dress, which is much beloved and my Dog Madame Beyonce of The Dog's Trust (we rehomed her 9 years ago and she is a beloved only pooch), peeking over my shoulder in a mischievous manner!  Despite never meeting me or my dog I think she has really captured my essence and I love that she even got my tattoo in.

When I am clever enough I want to incorporate this into my header of my Blog, but this could take a while as I am no technical genius.

If you want to see more of this process then head over to the Near Sighted Owl where you can see the process of how she created my picture of video, or click the button I have added in my sidebar.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What Being A Fat Woman is Really Like?

This week Cosmopolitan ran an article on what being a fat woman is really like?  Claire from Monkey see, Monkey Do, Monkey Wear thought it would be interesting to see how we as fat women would  answer these questions, and as a self confirmed fattie for most of my life I had to be part of it.  I have tried to be as honest as I can and I am really interested to hear other people's answers as there is no definitive experience to being fat as everyone's experience will be different, but I am interested to see what are the common parallels
How do you feel when other women around you complain about feeling/being fat?
When other women around me complain about feeling or being fat, I usually feel a mixture of emotions and I suppose that depends on my mood at the time.  Sometimes it is boredom as since I have decided to give up dieting there is nothing more boring than listening to diet talk (sorry to all those I have bored over the years) other times it is sort of sad when women with great bodies complain, whine, hate on themselves and generally don't see things to like in the mirror.  Other times I can feel frustrated like they are fishing for compliments and I can't be bothered with it, but the fact they need validation to feel good is sad.
I suppose there are times that I think: "God, if they think there fat, what must they think of me?"  Generally when others complain I keep quiet other times when there doing a diet I have done I might offer tips and joke that there is nothing a fat person knows more about than dieting! I suppose deep down I joke as I think they are thinking, hmm what do you know about dieting your fat!
So I suppose what I am saying is that on some levels the whole experience is just sad and uncomfortable for me.

How has your body image changed since High School? College?
Throughout school and I am talking as far back as junior school I always felt fat and that because of this people didn't like me as much as their thin friends.  Although I appeared to be very confident, I never thought boys liked me and if they did that it was a joke.  During 6th form I gradually became aware that boys did like me, and then it sort of went that unless I kissed someone during the evening I did not feel like I was pretty.  During the time in my late teens I became as thin as I ever would although I still thought I was fat!  In reality I was a size 14 to 16 with a size 10 waist, but medically I suppose I was still overweight.  I then went to university and put on a lot of weight (a £1.00 a pint, what can I say) this period saw fluctuation between being healthy joining a gym and eating sensibly or eating whatever I wanted.  It was around this time I started my first serious relationship and I always knew that he found me attractive and sexy.
However, generally the best way to describe my relationship with my body during college was that although I knew men found me attractive.  I felt fat and fed up that clothes didn't fit me and I could not find stuff I liked.  However, I do remember periods where I tried to accept being fat and saying I have decided to be the best fat person I can.

Have you tried dieting? What happened?
Have I tried dieting? Is the sky blue, the pope catholic.  I remember starting diets as young as around 8, I lived with a lot of other girls and I thought being on a diet was part of being a woman.  I suppose my earliest diets were generally unsuccessful and I am writing this post as a fat woman I think we can safely assume they didn't work.
I have tried a  lot of diets detox a lot of lentils brown rice and green pooh, Slimming world worked pretty well and I lost 3 stone, then I went on holiday and put on 12 pounds then put it all back with an extra stone for good measure.  I also lost 2 stone doing a variety of things before my wedding but put it all back on before the big day!
I read somewhere that diets aren't meant to work as it is big money, making people thin and without sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I think there is truth to that as if there was a solution to being fat wouldn't everyone be thin? But honestly in reality I think probably most of people's problems with being overweight is probably linked to psychology at some level and not really about food.  I suppose the question the diet industry needs to look at is not what people eat, but why people overeat?

Do you think in your case your weight is partly or entirely genetic?
No, no and no in terms of medical reasons.  I think that it may be genetic in terms of learnt through my parents relationships with food and living with lots of others.  To explain that food was a huge part of our family life and eating nice things to celebrate, to commiserate, when sad, to remember, you name an occasion and we will eat!  Then when you live with others it is as simple as eat it or someone else might, which may explain some of my gluttony.

Do you consider yourself healthy?  Have there been instances where people assumed you were unhealthy?
Am I healthy?  Honestly I think if I did a bit more exercise and ate better I would be healthier, but then I think that is true of some thin people too.  I don't know if there have been instances where people have thought I would be unhealthy I suppose there is as people have expressed surprise at times, saying things like oh you walk faster than I thought or I was surprised at how far you can swim.

Are Your Parents both supportive of you at the weight you're at?  Have they always been?
My Mum never mentions my weight if I say I should think about losing some she would probably agree but generally my Mum cares little about appearances.
 However, my Dad when he was alive from the age of 12 he would offer incentives to lose weight such as if you lose weight I will buy you a new wardrobe of clothes, Duh! Dad course you will because nothing will fit me and then more recently in the last year or so before he died he introduced me in this way:  "This is my little girl, well she used to be little now she is double the size!"  I'm not sure why he said that if it was because he wanted me to be healthy, or because he wanted a slim daughter I never asked.  My Dad was quite sarcastic so it could have been his idea of a joke.  However, I think it was because we were close and he wanted me to look a certain way, as he would make comments on hair colours and clothes too.  That said I always felt like he was generally proud of me.

How do you think retailers can improve clothes for plus size people?
Retail for the plus size woman has improved from the days where it felt like it was Evans or the catalogue.  Certainly on line shopping has transformed the landscape for the plus sized woman and I thank God for the Internet, but it would be amazing to go out and be able to buy clothes in High Street Stores like Top Shop, River Island and places like that and that the plus sized clothes aren't a little tiny section with some voluminous tops, bootleg jeans and hoodies.  Sorry I want all different styles of clothing, I want to be edgy and urban one day and a prom princess the next and I want to be able to go into a shop and feel included not like the big fat maiden aunt going out with her beautiful friends.

Do You think that Plus sized women are viewed differently than Plus sized men are? How?
I think men can be subjected to the same discrimination in the work place and stereotypes like fat =lazy.  However, I don't think Men's fat is sexualised in the same way as women's is.  Certainly some of the most offencive comments made to me have been of a sexual nature like: "I like big girls they can take my poundage." Ugh and the interesting not sure if it was meant to be a compliment of I heard fat girls have tighter pussies!  Beautiful, I don't think with that line you will ever get to find out.

Do you think there is an assumption made/stereotype that exists about plus sized people and how would you respond to it?
I think the stereotype is were fat, lazy, smelly and sit around eating all day.  I think that is nonsense I work as hard as my thin colleagues, I do Zumba, I walk my dog and generally have a lot of energy.  It's just ridiculous and pretty offencive.

Do you ever think there is a right way or time to express concern about someones weight?
Not really, I think it is difficult as if I was becoming dangerously overweight where mobility was a problem I think then my family and friends may have the right to say something as that would impact on their lives, but ultimately it would still be my decision not theirs.  I also think that Health Professionals could have a right to say something but not in a fat shaming manner as unless they can prove that there is a link with your weight and what they are saying then it has no place in the discussion, not the I have a cold then OK lets just weigh you as that is irrelevant to why I am there.

What are the worst things that someone has said to you about your body?
There have been the usual, hey fattie and all those kinds of comments they are sometimes a bit embarrassing but generally water off a ducks back.  I think one particular offencive man said once:  "If you were thin I'd fuck you" this was completely unsolicited and I was just getting a drink at the bar in a pub for some reason that stays with me.

How did you respond?
I am this fat so I never have to wake up with a dickhead like you by mistake.  A bit clunky and not terribly eloquent but the best I could do at the time.

What have people said (or do you wish they'd say) that would compliment your body or appearance?
People have said I have great curves and another blogger (Thanks Anne-Lise) said I had a lovely figure, which I don't think anyone has ever told me in my life.  My Hub always is pretty complimentary so I don't feel that I look bad and gradually through my blogging journey I am learning not to detest pictures of myself.

Do you find yourself hanging out with women who are closer to your size?
Until I started blogging no, not at all through blogging and attending events such as Plus London i have met some kick ass, fierce women who inspire me.  But generally no I am the fattest of my friends and I am okay with that and never feel like I am there to make them look better or anything like that.

How has your weight affected your sex life, If at all?
I have been married for over 10 years and with my husband for 17, I would say it has never affected our sex life and I never feel insecure if he has screen savers such as Nicola Roberts or Peaches Geldof, who are really slim women.  Prior to being with my husband since I became aware I was attractive to men I would say I have been confident.  However, before that I was really self conscious of my tummy and found it difficult to get more intimate, I relate to how Rae feels in my Mad Fat Diary but by 21 I was definitely over this.

When you've been single how has your weight affected your dating life?
When I was young I never believed anyone liked me and always thought it was a joke and I think this lingered for a while as I got older as even if I could be confident in sexual situations I always thought men wouldn't want to be seen with me in public and stuff like that.  With my Husband I know he is proud of me and tells me when I look good.

Do you feel weird if a guy you're with only dated larger women?
Yes I think I would and I find the idea of being admired for my size a bit odd, not because I think my body is repulsive just because i find it difficult to have my fat sexualised, I don't want to feel like I am someones fetish is the best way I can put it.

Do you feel weird if he has only dated slimmer women before you?
No in all honesty I have never compared myself to any of my boy friend's previous girlfriends and I accept they were probably thinner than me, but at the same time they didn't have my tits and ass.  However, I have been in a relationship for a long time and I don't know if I would feel the same if I was single again.

So that is my experiences of being a fat woman in a society where according to the likes of The Daily Mail, a woman's body is never right.  I am really interested to see what others wrote so there is a list below of other bloggers who have taken part in this.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Candy Girl

I know this dress has been done to by half a million other fatshion Bloggers, but I do love this dress designed by the lovely Lauren at Pocket Rocket as Part of the Bloggers Collection last Summer.  In fact it is so good I bought it twice as my first one went a bit bobbly, so I found this one on E bay for a steal.  It's a size too big but that's ok.

I chose my ice cream dress to celebrate my new sweet wrapper coloured crop, as belts sort of scare me I teamed it with my new leopard print bow belt from Primark, I'm not too sure I would bother again as I am not convinced it work but I am trying to push my style.

As it is still winter I teamed it with my very old but much loved Monsoon cardigan, black leggings and some ballet flats.  As my other accessory I chose a Dolly Cool necklace with a Zombie Cocktail in it!  If you haven't ever heard of Dolly Cool do check out her website as she has lots of lovely bits and they are really reasonably priced.

What I love about this dress is I think it suits everyone as I have seen loads of bloggers wear it and they all look good, this is certainly my dress of choice when I feel a bit, meh as the ice creams and pink never fail to cheer me up and it is really comfy!  I teamed it with my new Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Showy

Dress - Bloggers @Simply Be
Cardigan - Monsoon
Leggings - Sainsburys
Ballet Flats - Marks and Spencers
Belt - Primark
Necklace - Dolly Cool

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Double Vision - One dress, two ways #1

The idea behind this challenge was to get one dress and wear it two different ways to get some more inspiration to change the look of a dress.  It is probably not the most original idea but Anne-Lise from  Mookie's Life decided to make this a monthly challenge on the last Sunday of the month we will style a dress and post both sets of pictures and hopefully give others some ideas on different ways to style things.

I am also really excited about this as it is my first Bloggers challenge and both Anne-Lise and I have different styles, I am pretty minimalistic usually, whilst I feel Anne-Lise is far more confident with accessorising than I so I am hoping to take inspiration from this. This month we are wearing the same dress which is part of the 99p dress range from Yours Clothing

When the dress arrived my initial thoughts were it was a nice heavy fabric but I hadn't seen the detailing on the arms and this was a bit too much embellishments for my taste so I snipped them off.  The dress said it originally retailed at £60.00, I wouldn't have paid that for it but it is worth more than the 99p.

Some people may love this amount of detail but too much
for me.
So we both started with a more casual day time look.

Anne Lise styled her dress
 White Jacket from New Look (old)
, Coloured tights (that I love) from Evans
Hat - Primark
Boots - Tesco

My Look is more Black
Leggings - Tu at Sainsburys
Cardigan - George at Asda
Boots - Clarks

Doing this post I realised how black my wardrobe is and I really would have liked to do something a bit more daring with this, with some coloured tights or maybe print floral leggings and trainers but unfortunately I just don't own any so that might be my next investment.

For Anne-Lise's evening look she styled it in a very glamourous way with fishnets and heels and her hair in a quiff.  I think this dress looks really good on her as she is pretty glam.

Fishnet Tights -Anne Summers
Black Heels - Evans
My style again is pretty minimalistic with drop earrings, patent heels and glossy tights.

A feature I did like was of the slightly dropped back.

Patent Heels - Marks and Spencers
Earrings - Primark
Tights - Monsoon

Would I have bought this dress if it hadn't have been 99p probably not, and although I love the 80's this dress was a bit over embellished for my own personal tastes.  

Has anyone else bought the 99p dress and if so how did you style yours?

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Fat Punk Rock Pixie

I have a low threshold for boredom with my hair, I think I have been every colour pretty much either deliberately or accidentally except green!  Recently I have been playing with candy colours or sweet wrapper vivids of pink and purple, but then I lost my terrible Call Centre job, so was on a job hunt so thought it would be best to have "normal" coloured hair, I hated it I felt middle aged and boring!  At the same time I was trying to grow my hair from a crop but the last cut had been a bit of a disaster with the hairdresser not going with the way my hair falls so it never fell right.

So I toyed with the idea of Ariel orange but my heart was yearning for the cupcake pinks, so as I was having trouble deciding I did a poll of my Facebook friends who unanimously went for candy colours and one Mr Steve Glamoore suggested this:

What can I say, I was hooked I love a pastel pixie, so I got on the phone and booked my hair in Swansea at a place called Boosh in Picton Arcade, with a lovely bloke called Nic.  He listened to what I said didn't try and dissuade me from colouring my own hair and this is the end result.

So this was the haircut please excuse the bitch face I still struggle with having my photo taken a lot.  I really like it but I also know styling will be fun if I am to avoid looking a bit to butch for my taste.

I then raided Boots and Blue Banana for the necessary dyes.

So from Boots I got the Bleach London Violet, The Big Pink and a white toner and from Blue Banana I got a Violet directions and the directions bleach at 30% and a crazy colour in Lilac, which the girl behind the counter said came out the same colour as what I wanted.  Finally I bought a white conditioner from Savers to water dyes down if I went with a home mix option.  I know this seems a lot but candy colours often need topping up and like I said I get bored easily.

So after enlisting the husband with the bleaching I was about the colour of a spring chick, then I used the white toner and I have to say I was quietly impressed by this and it got my hair from the yellow to this:

God awful picture but I think you'll agree cream not yellow

Then against my better judgement I used the Crazy Colour Lilac.  Now I have never been a big fan of Crazy Colour I find the colours wash out, can be patchy and aren't particularly true, but the girl said her friend had used this and it had come out as the colour on the original picture.  So on it went and despite having some reservations about how blue it looked on my head I persevered and here was the final result.

Although it looks purpleish here it was decidedly more blue tinged, so I waited overnight and then I mixed a concoction of the Bleach London, I quite like the Bleach London products and find they are on par with the Directions dyes, but there is one thing the lovely milk bottle design of the bottle makes it impossible to use all the dye which is annoying.  To try and achieve a better colour I used the Big Pink and white VO5 conditioner popped it on and waited.........

Ta Dah the final result!

Although it is no where near the lovely blondey lilac tones of the first pic, I think I needed to use less dye more conditioner to achieve that I am quite happy and think I look like a bit of a Punk Rock Pixie with it and think with some washing it will get there!  

Snacking Saturdays

Following on from Last Saturdays, dirty fries I thought I would share with you my homemade Sausage and Egg Mc Muffins, now there is a lot of these recipes floating around the internet but this one is my favorite and can probably make 6 sausage patties if you are careful 4 if you a bit more hungry/greedy. I will also apologise for the lack of pictures but I arrived home and it was all a bit of a rush! Then my camera wasn't around so I am afraid you've got a terrible mobile phone snap of the finished article.

So what you will need
For the sausage patties:
500 grams Pork Mince
1/2 teaspoon Grated nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon Thyme
1/2 teaspoon Sage/Rosemary (either will do)
1/2 teaspoon crushed chillis
1 teaspoon ground black peppercorns
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar

Then obs:
Processed Cheese Slices

Then literally all you do is put all the stuff for the sausage patties in a bowl and smoosh it all together, if your being precise you can then roll it out and cut it into rounds with a round cookie cutter about the same size as a muffin, otherwise separate into balls and flatten (tip when flattened use your thumb to hollow the middle a bit more) then grill those bad boys.

Whilst waiting for the Sausages to cook construct the rest grill the muffins to your liking and butter if required and pop the cheese on.

To make the eggs I use one of these:

A nifty microwave egg poacher you can get these usually in Poundland or somewhere like that but be careful as if you leave it too long it can pop its lid and make a bit of a mess.

Then construct, and Voila!

Enjoy with ketchup, Hash Browns or whatever floats your boat!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Swansea Shopping Haul

So as I said I went shopping yesterday, as it was in Swansea it was mainly a Primark Haul.  I was impressed with Primark there are loads of cool T-shirts at the moment, even though I am a bit miffed they had sold out of the Barbie T-shirts in my size, but there were loads of retro style T-shirts available and I would have loved more really especially the grey Nirvana T-shirt.

So my choices were the retro Jurassic Park T Shirt, the Bart Simpson T, which I would love to style with some Blackheart Creatives round earrings in pink or green saying WOW! The Ariel T shirt cos who doesn't love The Little Mermaid? and a black vest cos you can never have too many and I always lose them like other people lose socks.  The fit of these T shirts were good and quite roomy and I would say could fit up to a size 24.

A My little Pony sweatshirt a bargain at a tenner, not much to say apart from I can't wait to style that Bad Boy up!

I also hit the accessories and bought a couple of belts as I am trying to accessorise more and belts scare me a bit, and some blingtastic earrings.  Again there were loads of good and cheap accessories in there but as I had bought so many tops I thought I best go easy.  Although I had to pop into a fancy dress shop and saw retro pink cats eye sunnies and thought these are coming home with me, probably because I never got over wanting to be a Pink Lady.

Finally I went to Boots, cos this brown barnet has to go and I want/need a lipstick and have been lusitng after the matte balm Revlon ones.  Even though it said the hair and make up offer were different offers (the 3 for 2 was on) when I got to the counter they said I could have a third item free so I got a nice pastel green nail varnish as I don't have enough pastels.

So that was my haul. there was a lot of lovely stuff I did fall rather hard for a floral Kimono that was meant as a beach cover up, but alas it was too long for me to style with Jeans like I'd want to, but it might work for someone taller.

But that is it for now, I can't wait to do some outfit of the days using these clothes!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

OOTD Primarni Queen

So to celebrate the wet weather we continue to have I went shopping today in Swansea in my Duck dress.  Personally I don't think Swansea is that amazing for shopping it has a lot of the usual High Street Suspects but I do think that it has a good Primark, reasonably good Debenhams and a pretty good Boots, but everywhere else is just okay and I am always irritated that New Look stopped doing the Inspire range although you can get it in the New Look on the retail parks at Forest Fach and Morfa Park, I did go to both today on my way back but it was a bit meh.  However, I did get quite the Primarni haul which I will show you tomorrow.

So for this adventure I felt layers were the name of the game, so I wore a very old Duck Print Primark Dress, a Pink Primark Cardie and leggings from George at Asda with some Ballet flats from Marks as comfort is the name of the game for me when shopping.   This was accessorised with a pink bow from Janine Basil that always makes me feel a bit like Hello Kitty.  I would have liked a nice pink lip too but I have a awful cold sore that is making me feel a bit like a leper so a spot of carmex was popped on instead.

The best photo of a bad lot as my official photographer was wanting to watch Curling,

Love the bow, hate the hair but that is about to change!

Not the most fashion forward shoes but easy to slip on and off.

Dress - Primark (old)
Pink Cardie - Primark
Leggings - Asda
Ballet Shoes - Mark and Spencers
Pink Bow - Janine Basil

So where do you love to shop where you live? What is like?  and what are your top tips for wearing when shopping?

Monday, 17 February 2014

Flowers In The Pouring Rain

Initially this post was going to about daisy print, in the preview of Evan's new collection that was on The Arched Eyebrow there was a gorgeous daisy overlay over a zingy neon background, I don't know if this is ever going to make an appearance, but it hasn't yet and there are some very safe daisy prints on there. but gradually the daisy thing has proved a bit monochrome for me and I need colour to brighten up this grey Welsh winter, I am squelching my way through.

I also make no apologies for a lot of dresses, I am a 90's girl at heart and I spent a lot of my youth in DM's and flowery dresses, dying my hair with henna and trying to do a sorta  Riot Grrrl, hippie meets Tori Amos chic and I'm not sure I'm over it yet.

So my picks

Daisy Collar Skater Dress -AX Paris Curve on Simply Be £45.00
I love this dress and would probably wear it with tights and either flat or heeled Mary Jane Style Shoes and a satchel.

Lipstick Boutique Floral Panel Pencil Dress - Asos Curve £65.00
I have only just got into body con dresses recently as I was scared I would look too porky and bumpy.  The first time I wore anything at all like this was at Plus London and I found I like it, I'm still not brave enough to wear it without shapewear and I would probably style this in a classic way with seamed stockings and plain black heels.
Alice & You Floral Print Playsuit - Asos Curve £28.00
I think this would look great with either clunky school girl style shoes or DM's in the winter and sandals and bare legs in the summer.
Liz McClarnon Bikini - Simply Be £30.00
I am no fan of Atomic Kitten but of Liz McClarnon's swimwear collection with its daisies and flamingos, oh yes.   I am also trying to clear my next fashion hurdle the bikini and I could think of worse places to start than this really cute retro style daisy Bikini.

New Look Inspire Fringed Kimono -£22.99
I can imagine wafting around in some ballet flats and jeans like a fat Sienna or Kate and the kimono is another style I want to try as I have seen loads of blogger babes looking great in them.

Daisy Printed Doll Dress - Simply Be £49.00 
This is a very 90's style dress and I like it, they also do a bird print one in the same style that rocks too.
 Daisy Necklace - Boden £10.00
If full on floral isn't your thing then this necklace from Boden is really cute and a bit Boho/Hippie in style.

Woven Front Floral Print Sweat- Pink Clove £18.00
I think this is really wearable and would look good for my work with kids where practicality is the name of the game.
Asos Salon Dress with Floral Embellishment - Asos £59.50
I think this is really pretty and I love the bright blue, it is currently in the sale and most sizes are still available, I think there is a discount of 15% at checkout for sale stuff too.
Daisy (Sunshine) - Marc Jacobs £49.00 for 50mls
And if it is still too cold to even contemplate anything but Jeans and Jumpers in this rain sozzled winter maybe this beautiful bottle would perk up your dressing table.

So those are my picks are you a floral fan or is it just too girl for you?  Or have you seen/bought anything floral to brighten these grey wet days that never seen to end?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

OOTD - Cosmic Girl

I love a print, I have prints of Gnomes, Care Bears, Wizard of Oz, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Alexander Henry's Fishing Girls, so when I saw one of my favourtite brands Get Cutie were having a sale I couldn't resist a peek, as usually the cost of their dresses makes them a very special treat.  Unfortunately the Mexican Wrestler fabric dress I have been coveting for a while wasn't in my size but there was a very nice cosmic print dress in the Belle style in my size and frankly who could resist wearing the solar system.

Dress - Get Cutie Sale
Black Cardigan - Asda
Boots - Clarks
Satchel - Paul Frank via E bay
Hairband - Janine Basil
Now sorry for the awkward posing this is one of my first outfit of the day posts, where I have posed for the picture rather than the picture happening organically.

The dress has no sleeves and as it is still cold I have teamed it with a long black cardie from Asda, shapewear tights from Monsoon which claim to fit up to a size 28, but are a bit tight on me really at a short 20 -22, and my trusty Clarks boots.  The bag a Paul Frank satchel which was a pressie from my hubby and I love it as it is so shiny and has the cute Julius head on it.

As there is a high neckline I didn't bother with a necklace and teamed it with a Janine Basil Hairband with glittery blue stars that I just adore and wear as often as possible.

All in all I think this is kind of a funky science teacher look, although I failed science spectacularly, back in the day.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Dirty Fries

Not to be  a terrible cliched fattie, today I have been craving American food,  from food blogs, shows and people's twitter feeds I have heard about the joy which are Garbage Fries.  So off I went to Asda to gather up some toppings for my fries.

I decided that my fries would be topped with Pulled Pork, sour cream, crispy onions, chilli sauce (that is what is in the disturbing looking battered white tub, I love this from my Kebab shop back in Deal)  and I wanted cheese, but I wanted this to be the processed type I remembered that the low low cheese spread could be used as a sauce if melted in the microwave and I thought if it worked it would be perfect.  I did buy some Doritos Nacho Cheese dip but am pleased to report this was unnecessary.  I also as well as the salad crispy onion fried a red onion till crispy and that is what the black bits are in the final pic.

As I wanted that fried fries taste, we bought the chips and the low low didn't have quite the fluorescent glow but overall I was quite happy and it satisfied my craving.

If anyone else has any American style recipes please pop them in the comments box as I do love to cook

Friday, 14 February 2014

Cheese Burgers by the Sea!

As those who may read my blog may know I recently moved from my beloved Deal to Swansea to be with my Mama!  I can't pretend this has been easy and I have been terribly homesick for my home town, friends and all the other stuff, especially Chilli Sauce from the kebab shop, it just ain't the same here.

So when the cheese fest that is Fake That (think singing plumbers) I usually go to with my friends came up, me and the Hub had to go.  At first we looked for a cheap B n B but when we couldn't find one we rented a cute cottage as our base.

I cannot rate The Mermaids Folly highly enough, very homely with touches of its owners Clive and Stephen throughout the place, comfy beds, cool pictures, but perhaps a bit too much to break!

Rumpled by me but so comfy

The Hub is very proud of the kitchen!

I fell in love with these pictures, printed on dictionary pages

So apart from hanging out in the cottage we spent time with our friends talking and catching up, going out for lunches at delicious spots such as The Greedy Cow in Margate, if you ever get to Margate do check it out it is in the Old Town (avoid any other part really) and serves amazing burgers and brownies.  The Burgers are homemade and juicy without being greasy, served with cheeses such as brie and Stilton, and topped with meats such as salt beef which is thin and crispy, Bacon or black pudding.  I had a salt beef and stilton, The Hub Stilton and Bacon and Jen had a Brie Burger.  There is also toppings such as a Gherkin, Beetroot and pickle I'm fussy so don't have these but Jen and the Hub assured me they were delish!  The Brownies on that day were Ginger, Raisin and Original, sadly my beloved peanut butter or Salted Caramel were not on, so I got a traditional for at home which was rich and fudgy.

Yummo Burger at The Greedy Cow.

Apart from eating we partied, drank too much and there were props involved and all in all we had a fab time!!!

Drinks taste better with Cocktail Umbrellas - Fact!

My Lovely friend Jen!

In case your mildly curious about the outfit I am wearing:

The dress is Vampire Bunnies
Pink Cardie is Very Old Primark
Pink Feathers - Poundland

I think if you like traditional seasides, quirky shops, a arty vibe and pretty buildings you could do worse than visit my home town of Deal.  Any way here's a few pics unfortunately none of the beach due to the weather and a terrible hangover!
View towards the high street

Middle Street Fish and Chips - The best chippie ever