Thursday, 24 April 2014

Birthday Bliss!

I have been a very bad blogger (Even with this I had planned a lot of OOTD posts and to write it just after my Birthday, but y'know life) with very few posts, but as I think I mentioned in my last post I had been wallowing in the pit of black sadness that I was wearing like a big ol' coat in the middle of winter that I couldn't take off. However, to shake me out of this a bit was my Birthday and Mamma treated me and the Hub to go to London to see Wicked and stay for 2 nights, which I have to say lifted the spirits!

We stayed at The Travelodge, Covent Garden which was an amazing location just off Dury Lane on High Holborn (round the corner from The Diner on Shaftsbury Avenue)  I liked the Travellodge a lot sure it was basic but it was clean, comfortable and surprisingly quiet with a fantastic view.

After a long train journey from Port Talbot we headed straight over and ate at The Diner before checking in.  I have long been jealous when I read the London based bloggers blogs and tweets about The Diner, so I indulged in a Diablo Burger, The Hub had some kind of pulled Pork topped Burger extravaganza and a shared order of Chilli cheese fries and Tator Tots, and a Colonel Parker, which is a bourbon, with vanilla and chocolate ice cream and peanut butter milkshake, heaven in a glass for me.

A lot of pics of Food I know but the girl loves food

Then after checking in I demanded we did the tourist thing, as I had never done a Ghost Tour or the London Eye as living quite near in Kent and spending a lot of time in London as a kid, I never felt I needed to, but I used my Wowchers and Cereal Box coupons and did this, and it was fun! Although on a side note I would never pay full for The London Eye as although the view is spectacular I think what would have been £40.00 for 2 adults for under an hour is steep.

Then it was my Birthday we went to Chinatown bought cool cakes, and explored the Chinatown market where we bought some cool Hello Kitty stuff and earrings.  If you are into Kawaii stuff I can highly recommend, it is in the Chinatown Market on Charring Cross Road and called Qu'tse.

Then I had a mooch round Covent Garden and bought some Converse and Mel shoes which I will feature soon, before heading over to Victoria to see Wicked, which was amazing and the Art Deco of the Apollo Victoria was beautiful and the emerald neon that was decorating the place really complimented the architecture.

On the Saturday we Geeked it up at The Natural History Museum, which as well as being free has so many amazing exhibits but if I am honest I was just as awestruck by the architecture which is so Gothic and has so much attention to detail.

Darwin - The Daddy of Evolution

The Dino star of the show!
 Then we returned back to Wales, I was happy to be home with the Dog but sad to leave London, it really is an amazing vibrant city and I want to spend more time there.

What about you guys are you London lovers or does it leave you a bit meh!  Let me know your top tips and how you spend your time cos I am dead nosey.