Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Meme box Cutie Pie Marzia

Me and The Hub are on serious Korea planning at the moment and with that in mind I thought I would share with you this Meme Box I got for Christmas.  It is one of their blogger collaboration ones by Cutie Pie Marzia, I am not familiar with her but she is apparently Italian and more of a Vlogger than a blogger is what I got from Google.  Anyhow what's in the box?

The box is different to the usual hot pink Meme box and is quite pretty with a heart made up of flowers on it.
 So it contained a very kitsch Tony Moly Appletox cream which is worth $12.00.  The packaging is super camp shaped like an apple and it is has a delicious smell like apples. It is textured more like a honey and I think will be more suitable for summer than these winter months.

It also had a Cheekroom lip balm Clover worth allegedly $12.00 and with a cherry scent, nice usable but not earth shattering.  A Shara Shara Petit Friend Matte Lip Crayon worth $11.00 I got the Salmon Orange which as I have a concern about my teeth looking yellow is about the worse colour I could have got, which is a shame cos it looks cute and nice, I just wish I had got Neon Pink or Red.  Then there was a Shara Shara Triple Shine Shadow in Colbat Blue worth $15.00 not the worst colour for me but I don't know how much use I will get as I tend to stick with light neutrals and eyeliner, also as much as I love Kawaii this packaging could be a bit too childlike for me.

Then there was a Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-In-One Serum with a retail price of $20.00, it is a vitamin C serum and I always liked The Body Shop one so I have high hopes for this one, although I am using a Bee Venom serum at the moment from another box so I have to say I haven't tried it much but it has a nice smell and texture.

The Final Product is Revecen Face Control Foundation in Violet worth $22.00 to cover up skin imperfections and balance yellow tones.  I have used this a few times and I do like it but it does seem to make me a little white but provides a nice even base for under your foundation.

So this was my Meme box it is always a bit random but I find it always has at least two products I really love in it.  Overall this wasn't my best box ever but I was pretty happy with it and will definitely use the Foundation, serum and cream even if the make up isn't really me.  It cost $23.00 and had free postage so all in all I feel like it was a bargain.

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Fabulous at Forty Wishlist

In case I hadn't mentioned it, I reach an important milestone this year I am Forty as weird as it seems to me as I hardly feel a day over 21 in my head.  I am hoping that The hub and I can go away for a little adventure, munching, shopping, drinking cocktails and building new fantastic memories.  Obs a girl needs clothes for such adventures and on my current spending ban I find myself lusting more and more over dresses and other friperies that I can't have, so I have compiled a little list where money is no object and I can have anything I bloody well like.

Firstly is this amazing (said in that annoying AM-MAY-ZING voice) dress from my old fave Get Cutie and is their Starlet dress, this dress is not cheap and is something I would really have to consider before buying. However, I really love the drape of the material and the shape which I think would look good on my figure.

The other beauty of a Get Cutie is you can choose the material it is made in.  At the moment I would either go with the wonderfully fun Dino print or the retro Caravan print.

I have never bought from this brand so I am not sure what they are like but I have come across a really lovely little retro brand specialising in 60's and 70;s dresses called Violet House.  I love retro styles but I do get a bit fed up of having to go with a 50's retro style as I love the 60's and the mod look, which is the kind of retro I would veer towards in my early 20's.  Although Violet House only do size 6 to 18 they do custom orders and I am loving this psychedelic print dress and the tartan one, although I might go a little longer.

I have always fancied a tulle skirt since the Sex and the City days and I love the one I have seen on Asos but it is only available in Black in plus sizes and I want something different to black or white.  This grey one from Elsie's Attic is beautiful and again although they only go to a size 18 they say they will do custom orders.  Again for me over £40.00 is a lot to spend on a skirt but I think I would wear it a lot.

I would probably team this with some beautiful silver shoes and a jumper or T shirt and I think these shoes from River Island at Asos would be lovely.

Anyway this is my wish list and maybe if my spending ban goes well at the end I can treat myself to something splendid which I will love forever.  What would you choose? Cos I can never decide.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

OOTD - Did Cute Go Too Far?

I was meant to go to the Fat Clothing Swap today.  However, lack to money to get to London and extreme lethargy struck so I never got there.  Here's what I would have worn anyway, but I have to ask has my love of cute and Kitsch gone to far and I'm not sure I might look like cute threw up.  You decide?

I am wearing a New Look Inspire Bardot dress in a size 22, I am usually a 20 on top and this was a ok fit so I would size up, I bought this for a bargain tenner in the Asos sale.  I always loved Bardot tops in the 80's but somehow never had one so this is my chance.

Here's a picture of the dress without the cardie, I teamed it with my trusty Dolly Cool Zombie cocktail necklace.

Despite not being in love with the Voodoo Vixen plus size collection I did adore this cardie and although it was a bit expensive I bought it from Simply Be. I did mean to send it back but forgot! But is super cute with the cat applique and it makes me feel a bit sweater girl.

This is where cute may have threw up I then teamed it with a Milkshake bag bought in the New Look Sale for a bargainous £4.00, some Iron Fist shoes in Buns and Roses (look closely there are Bunnies!) and Hamburger earrings from Qu'tse in the Chinatown Market.   I was going for a Grease themed stranded at the drive in look but not too sure I got there.

So there you have it is more, more or perhaps less would have been better, personally I think either the shoes or the bag should have gone but you live and learn and fashion is about fun and experiments right?

My favourite outtake 
My Outfit
Cardigan - Voodoo Vixen
Shoes - Iron fist (sold out but these are similar)
Necklace - Dolly Cool
Milkshake Clutch - New Look (sold out but some killer ones planned for summer)
Tights - Marks and Spencer Bodysensor in XL

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Throwback Thursday - Twee through the years

Inspired by the spate of first profile pictures and Throwback Thursdays I thought I would share with you a quick peek at me through the years, if it seems a bit narcissistic please feel free to skip.  But here we go.

In the first pic I am probably about 12 so it is 1987, I am wearing the stonewash denim blouson style denim jacket so popular of the time with a very white T shirt I obviously hadn't eaten else it would probably be food splattered with some kind of print skirt.  Although I look happy I was probably riddled with insecurity and felt very fat.  I am sporting my first perm others came they weren't as successful.

In the second picture I am 20 I am obsessed with Drew Barrymore and Pulp and try an look like Drew, although I am a size 16 with a 28 inch waist I always feel fat.  However, this is the first time in my life I realise that boys like me and I exploit this as it makes me feel pretty.

This picture is from early 2003 I have just got married, I never wear anything but trousers or jeans and I feel fat most of the time.  I have just put on about 2 stone and although fatter squeeze myself into whatever fits in Dorothy Perkins and Debenhams.  I am still loving a denim jacket too.

The final picture is my fist profile picture I hated it at the time and thought my face looked huge but I never had pictures taken as I hated them so much so there weren't many to choose from, so this one it was.

The next picture is my first short haircut in 2009 I felt really pretty for the first time in a while and I had just lost about 2 stone that year and it was quite a good period for me in my life.

This is New Year 2011 and that is my first print dress which has become my personal brand really, I am getting more into a retro look.

This is July of 2012 I am again wearing a print dress my Limb fishing girls one, I am a few months away from reading my first plus size blogs but I am getting into my own personal style a bit more and I think it was about this time I decided I would stop dieting.  It was a fun night but I know my mind set hadn't changed that much as I remember seeing the pictures and thinking: "oh I look fat."

My final pic is New Year 2014 I am wearing my first and probably favourite print dress again and I feel happy and pretty through blogging I don't hate having my picture taken any more and I am not as preoccupied with if I look fat, cos well I am fat and that is okay.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The 50 Day Spending Ban - Week 1

As I discussed in an earlier post my finances have become a bit slim after the excesses of Christmas and I have imposed a 50 day spending ban to try and get things back on track, the rules of which
 you can read here.  I thought I would do a weekly update of how this is going.

Day 1
Walked to town and had to buy some veggies would have liked to have done a proper shop but the fridge broke down yesterday leaving me with a glut of cheese that needs using.  Spent £9.52 on veggies and eggs, £3.00 on some pasties at the Butchers for the Hubs lunch and when he got back from work £1.00 on some Lemonade.  Sulked a bit as I walked through town and wanted the yummy looking Rye bread in the Deli but reasoned I had a loaf of Kingsmill and this is about mindful spending and using what I have, cheered up when the Handbags (the Chocolate bar one and the milkshake in case your interested) turned up that I bought from the sale pre spending ban

Day 2

Apart from a weekly train ticket to work nothing was spent!  A triumph!

Day 3

Had to buy some dog food for the little brown snuffler that is Madame Beyonce, which came to £6.18 in a Pet Shop near work.  Then I had to get some food in Sainsbos for The Hub for when I'm at work and some chicken for fajitas  This came to £21.41 so not the most exspensive shop and will last him a while when I am at work.

Day 4

Was really exhausted and overslept so had to get a taxi to work which cost just over a tenner, then I went to the cinema with work and bought fizzy bubble gum tubes and revels at £3.50.  A bad day hmmmmm.  Also spent quite a while looking round the shops with one of the young people I work with felt a bit sulky in Waterstones and HMV as there was loads of things I wanted at one point I even thought it's not in the rules that I can't have books, DVD's and CD's but I reasoned it probably went without saying.

Day 5

Bought a few bits in the supermarket which came to £9.00, also was so tired after work that chips may have been bought.

Day 6

Managed a spend free day which is good but did phone people a lot on my phone and ended up going over my minutes.

Day 7

Woken by the fridge repair man who for the bargain price of £48.00 told me my Fridge is permanently dead!  So ended up buying a new Fridge freezer but that was a necessary purchase as I can't live without a fridge!
Bought some lunch and bread in the shop next door so £8.00 was spent, which I am pretty sure is against the rules and if I am honest there was stuff in the cupboard, I then was making pasta bake for tea but when I went to look at the cheese it was too grim to use and Pasta bake without cheese just seemed sad so I am afraid to say I ended up in the chipper again........

What I have learnt is hopefully a proper shop next week will cost me a lot less and I deffo need to eat less chips.  I feel like even though I have broken some of my rules of the ban the take aways and shop runs keeping the diary and writing this today is making me more aware of what I spend and hopefully with the arrival of the new fridge on Wednesday I will be more organised, keep to the menu and less money will be spent, wish me luck!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

#HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent - Simply Be

Simply Be is  known as being a huge plus size retailer selling quite a wonderful array of clothes, at least for me as size 20 to 22 at the moment.  However, it has been felt that with an increasing number of ranges such as:Kelly Brook where many items stop at a size 26 that they are neglecting those who have made Simply Be a success in the first place.  For example at the moment if you wanted to buy a new dress in a size 28 on Simply Be there are 345 to chose from, not too shabby.  However, if you are a size 12 who can shop pretty much anywhere you have 432 to chose from.

I know Simply Be have replied to this stating that it is because these bigger sizes sell out quicker and whilst there might be truth to this it does not answer why so many ranges stop at a size 26 or smaller.  As a major plus size retailer surely Simply Be could have some influence in saying no if we stock you our customers will want/need these clothes in larger sizes?

So in support of my sisters here is what I would have spent Simply Be as although I may be able to fit into your clothes it is a sad state of affairs when a plus size retailer is offering more dresses for any reason in a standard size than a plus size.

Firstly I have looked at things I would wear in the day, all of these items stop at a size 26 as far as I can see.

The Black Playsuit with its lace detail shoulders is a steal at £20.00 and I would wear it with wooly tights and boots through these Winter months probably with the lovely coat I have featured here.

The Long Haired Fake Fur Coat is at £70.00, but would look great with jeans and almost anything because in my humble opinion there are few outfits that cannot be improved by fake fur.

Finally this Orange dress which is part of Look magazines collaboration with Simply Be is £35.00 I love the orange and have the top that is part of this range.  I think it is gorgeous, simple and kind of classy.

Then come my evening outfits as there is a fat Barbie in me in screaming to get out and I love sequins, tulle and lace. It maybe a throwback to being a podgy teen who could never fit into these kind of things.

Whilst I appreciate Simply Be don't make 2 of these dresses I do feel that they should be putting the pressure on and only stocking Plus sizes willing to cater for all.

The Black Lace Maxi Dress is £70.00 in the sale and is by Lipstick Boutique.  It is beautiful and I think it would make me feel like Miss America as for some reason it reminds me of beauty pagent dresses.

The Little Mistress Prom Dress is beautiful, sparkly, floaty and with cut away cleavage detail it is everything I want in a party dress and £58.00.

And last but not least is the one that makes my heart sing and do a happy dance (although the anti fat campaigners who are out in force may say it is the start of a heart attack, but I know it is happiness) This dress is all my 80's fantasies come true it is off the shoulder and has a beautiful sweetheart neckline and a lovely swishy skirt and is priced £32.00 in the sale.

So there you go Simply Be that is potentially £285.00 you have lost out on as if I would buy these things I am sure many ladies over a size 26 would too.

Lots of other fabulous ladies have blogged on this and I would love it if you checked their posts out too.

Monday, 5 January 2015

My Big Fat 50 Day Spending Ban

I know this is probably not the most original post and a lot of people are doing 100 days, but I already know that is waaaaayyyyy too long for me, besides in less than 100 days I have a rather big milestone Birthday coming up and I will want a new frock to wear at the very least.

So what do I mean by this shopping ban.

  1. No buying new clothes, handbags, make up shoes and so on.  Nope not even in the sale even a bargain counts, or a blog sale or e bay, nothing new will enter my wardrobe.
  2. To buy only essential beauty products - Well you can't expect me to a skank can you?  But I can only buy when something has run out and it must be something I actually use, if it does run out while I won't be using value stuff it doesn't have to be the best of the best and TBH I have such a horde or moisturiser, make up, bubbles etc. apart from toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo I can't see what I will run out of.
  3. To make a menu, then a list and stick to the bloody thing and not fill my basket with stuff I fancy in the supermarket.
  4. No runs to the corner shop next door for nonsense lunches cos I can't be bothered to make something.
  5. No takeaways, even with a discount code
  6. No running to the shop at work to buy penny sweets and bagettes.
  7. Keep a spending diary so I know where my money goes
Well wish me luck I know I am notoriously bad at stuff like this and this is going to start tomorrow after the fish and chips I intend to buy tonight.  I will update you in 10 days to let you know how it is going.

Friday, 2 January 2015

On New Years Day

So as I may have mentioned in earlier posts me and The Hub are Carers which means we work holidays and the like this year I worked Christmas and Boxing Day and The Hub worked New Years Eve and New Years Day, so New year was a bit of a wash out and as the bells chimed and the fireworks went off, freaking the dog out we were tucked up in bed.  So we decided when he finished on New Year's Day at 9 we would have a New Years Eve/Day Party for two and watch the Hootenanny and have some drinks.

So I set up the bar for his return and ordered in a Chinese and soon I was sipping out of my new Sailor Jerry Glass, a final treat for me in the sale.  Isn't it pretty I love old school tattoos so this glass is very me.

Now what did I wear for this evening - It had to be probably my favourite ever dress, this was the dress I lusted after for a year and scoured E bay for one in my size, until the Hub who I must say is less careful with money than me, sick of me pouring over the Get Cutie webpage said: "Just buy it!"

This started my love affair with print dresses but I think this one is still my favourite, so I am not going to apologise if you have seen this dress before.

 I love the little cap sleeved and the way they bounce and the forgiving Empire line cut even if it is a little more booby than I usually go.  Unfortunately Get Cutie don't do the Cap sleeve in short any more but if you are after an investment (cos they ain't cheap) print dress I highly recommend

See what I mean about the boobs
. Keeping with the Woodland Gnome theme I teamed it with my Hairy Growler Hedgehog necklace and my Mario style Mushroom earrings from the Chinatown Market.  I think you can just see them, I did take a close up but it just looks weird, so this is the best I can do.

 I kept the face simple with black liner and MUA Lip velvet in Criminal which I am loving although a nice red might have looked better in honesty.

For the shoes I just wore my trusty Black patent schoolgirl style flats from Topshop.

We ate, drank, chatted and generally had an ace time and I felt like a champ so slipped into my new PJ's which I got for Christmas but had saved for the New Year, as honestly I spend half my life in PJ's.

I'm not sure all those hipsters from the mid 90's will be thrilled that you can get Paul Frank in Primarkbut I am!  I am also proud of these photos as usually anything with that much of VBO like that would not make the cut but I think I am getting better at embracing my body.

Any way It was a bloomin lush night as I don't get loads with The Hub where it is just us and what ever you did I hope it was splendid.

2015 Goals

I try not to do resolutions but I like to set Goals for the year, stuff I wanna do, places to go, where I want to be as a person.  So without further ado here is my list for 2015.

No diets
Sounds simple, but every so often something gets in my head, like people talking about cutting down or trying some new fad and I think it is habit as I spent about 20+ years of my life joining slimming clubs, doing crazy diets (Carol Vorderman I am looking at your detox one) I think it is sorta programmed in me, over the last year I have managed to let it pass through my mind and go again, so long may this continue.

To have a spend free few months.
Basically Christmas has wiped me financially but in the run up I also was a bit more spendy than usual indulging myself in little treats and clothes here and there and just putting things in my supermarket basket without thinking.  So for the next month or two there will be a menu and a shopping list, no take outs, taxis, clothes, make up and only buying things I actually need.
Within this I accept that we have moved back to our house and we need to do stuff to the place, so I accept I will have to spend money around this.

To go to a city or town I have never been to.

To focus on the good stuff.
I tend to dwell a bit on the bad stuff and all the good stuff in my life tends to get lost, so I am gonna try to reframe and think about the positive stuff.  Which leads me to my next goal.

To do a Rememberlutions or memory jar
Which is basically a jar you decorate  that you put all the nice things in like, compliments, good times etc. in.  This piece on Buzzfeed explains it better.  I know I should have done my jar all ready but life has been Christmasy so on my next full day off on Monday it will get done.

To read 24 books this Year.

To Blog more often.
I don't know how much more but I would like next years posts to exceed this years.

To be fucking fabulous at 40.
I turn 40 this year and I intend to embrace it with gusto, love it and celebrate it in style.

To take more photos

Get a Network Card.
As I often want to do stuff but the travel can make it expensive so I think this might help

And finally go back to Zumba.

I think that is plentiful for me on the goals.  Do you do goals or resolutions?  If you do or have done a post please share cos I am dead nosy.