Sunday, 10 April 2016

Chain Reaction - Wagamama's Birthday Lunch

I am a girl (Hmmm can you be 41 and still refer to yourself as a girl?) who usually favours a independent restaurant over a chain.  However, I wanted Thai/oriental food but most places that I wanted to go were shut on Monday's, did I mention a Monday for a Birthday is kinda sucky.  So as I really wanted the nibbly starters I decided Wagamama's would be a good option.  So the Mother ship and I headed to Canterbury and after heading the wrong way down a one way system arrived at Wagamama's.

So what did I munch to celebrate my 41 years on this earth. I started with the spicy squid, it was hot tasty, the vinegary dip was delicious, although I am a spicy old bird and could have hone a bit hotter.

I then was brought out my Prawn Gyoza, my honest opinion don't bother, they were bland.  I was a bit gutted as due to the lack of places I can get Dim Sum in deepest darkest Kent, Gyoza had been high up as a suitable replacement.  Next time I know my local takeaway (shout out to Hey Hey) do better Gyoza and Dim Sim.

The next dish was my wildcard it was Korean BBQ beef bun, and yes we have a winner.  It was delicious BBQ Beef in a soft bun with onion, coriander and a mayo.  It was tender nommy and luckily as I am a greedy girl the Mother ship did not like it so I did not have to share the lovely sweet aromatic flavours much.

Finally there was another portion of Chicken Gyoza equally as uninspiring as the prawn.  Then a sea food Ramen that the Mother ship (It was Mum's choice I would have had Salmon Teriyaki Soba, but she doesn't like this)and I shared it was okay delicate flavours, the sea bream was yummy and so were the prawns.

Overall it was a okay dinner it was pretty reasonable and you got free Green Tea.  Would I rush back?  I might pop in for the Korean BBQ Beef bun but the rest was okay but forgettable, and I remain a champion of the Independent Restaurant where I feel you get more interesting and flavourful foods.
over a chain.