Saturday, 14 November 2015

#Plus 40 Fabulous - Introduction

Welcome any new readers, who are hoping over from over Blogs and sorry to existing readers sorry if I repeat myself, but welcome to snapshots of my little world.

I am excited to take part in this challenge devised by Mookie and Leah, as although I am 40 I do not feel ready for slacks or blouses and have no freakin desire to wear beige and although I am fat I do not feel like I should just settle in terms of clothing, I am all about the pretties and I will always search for that Holy Grail a pretty, cheap and comfortable bra in a larger cup.

So how did I find my style, I was a fat teenager and adult who always loved clothes especially unusual or vintage but obviously in the late 80's early 90's this was a bit of a problem but luckily I could always just about fit in the larger end of the High Street.  Then in my 30's I lost my way a bit I blame Trinny and Susannah a bit although they did some stylish makeovers they could make me feel that well I should dress my age! Ugh.  I got a bit lost for a while then I found pretty print dresses in quirky prints and I think this is my style really.

Obviously I love to wear dresses but I am also a carer so I have a work wardrobe which is usually Jeans, so when I'm not flouncing around in dresses I am in my jeans and tops,

So I suppose that is basically my style usually with a hefty injection of faux fur, I flirt with other styles and long for the day I can do edgy street style but that look never quite works for me, but I am all about fashion being fun and have through blogging managed to go from someone who avoids having their photo taken to a bit a of a poser.

I am really looking forward to these challenges as the fashion industry seems to think women of my age are past it and should be looking at classic pieces rather than following fashion, but I stuck my middle finger to that as I fully intend to be all the F's, Forty, Fat and freakin fabulous.

There are some pretty amazing and inspiring women taking part in this so please check out their blogs.