Sunday, 1 July 2012

Books, Curry n' Singing Satudays.

So today my plan had been to have a rummage in the local Charity Shops with a tenner to see what kind of haul I could get.  Anyway I got as far as leaving the house and getting to the bus stop and there in the lovely sunshine, looking foxy in my new Primarni Duck dress, I thought y'know what? I can't be arsed.   so my planned post about my bargains has disappeared, possibly to be posted next Sunday.
So what did I do instead,  I lazed on the couch, ate Indian with the Hub, sang on Singstar and read Sarra Manning's new YA novel Adorkable.

Firstly a mini review of Adrokable, I am a big fan of Sarra Manning (both her YA and adult books) and for me this one was no exception.  It tells the story of Jeane Smith a teen blogger with a huge following who runs her blog Adorkable, (She kind of reminded me of Tavi Gevinson)  Despite having over half a million followers on Twitter, she is quite a lonely girl living alone in a Mansion flat whilst her parents are off doing their own thing and her sister who took care of her is on a residency in America. Her boyfriend Barney is her only friend at school until he falls for Scarlett the girlfriend of the most popular boy in school Michael Lee.  Michael talks to Jeane about this who tries to block this news and despite not getting on they find they keep kissing.
I won't say a lot more about the plot but I read some of the reviews on Amazon and a lot of people struggle to like bossy,opinionated Jeane.  Not me though, I liked her. She reminded me of myself back in my youth as I was an opinionated outsider who loved to be different, we also share a love of Haribo, girl bands and dying our hair.  Another thing I love about Sarra Manning she creates a world and a very minor character like Gustav, can also be found in You Don't Have to Say You Love Me and in 7 uses for an Ex boyfriend (i think) and in her adult books there is often a link to Skirt magazine, Molly from Guitar Girl also features in this book.  I like the relationship between Michael and Jeane and how someone who is your opposite can just connect with you sometimes.
Then it was curry O'clock.  Now I didn't take a picture of my curry (Bad blogger, bad blogger)

But to give you an idea.....
Anyway we had Onion Bajhas, Chicken Tikka Massala (Hub's choice) and a Lamb Ceylon (my choice) with plain rice, a peshwari Nan for him, a Keema Nan for me, and a Sag Aloo.  This was purchased from The Star of India, in Deal, this is probably the oldest of the Indian's in Deal, but I think the best.  The Onion B's are very big traditional types if a little oily, but they always remember your slice of lemon.  The Tikka Massala is your typical red, sweet curry for me it was still too sweet and the chicken a bit hard.  Oh but the Ceylon it was amazeballs; hot and spicy but still coconutty and the Sag Aloo was delish the potatoes were velvety and large and the spinach was delicately spiced and almost creamy. Don't know what the peshwari Nan was like as I'm not keen but the Keema Nan was good, a nice sweet soft Nan and stuffed with spicy shish style mince!  Yummo!
Then we reloaded our Singstar as when our old PS3 died, we couldn't reload our songs but now they arfe back and despite my singing prowess dimishing a little I was still beating the Hub on most tracks (although he disputes this, read the scores) and I got a Singstar on Life on Mars, though we both sucked at Heroes!
So that was Super Saturday, what did you lot do?

Friday, 29 June 2012

Accepting what we don't want to accept

In a departure from my usual postings of dresses and beachey themed gardens, I thought I would explain my recent silence.  Firstly my Nanny, died and there was funerals to attend and all that which was sad.  Then I heard the devastating news, Papa Dave's Cancer has returned.
Four and a half years ago my Dad (Known to me as Papa Dave) was diagnosed as having Mesothelioma (asbestos cancer) luckily for us the fantastic Dr's at Morriston Hospital, did radical surgery, removing one of his lungs, the chest lining, 75% of his diaphragm and a little bit of his heart membrane.  This has not been with knock on effects on his health but I have had my Dad.  Now I know in my hear of hearts that it was probably going to come back but it was still a punch in the stomach.
Dr Wonder Woman as my Dad calls her says it is treatable but not curable.  I have to admit I don't know what this means in terms of time, but it makes it more real that one day me and my Dad will no longer bounce round the room to Mr Blue Sky, that we will never go on a holiday together again, or eat elaborate feasts, wind my Mum up, that one day the funeral plans we make together on the phone in a jokey manner will be real and the only place I will get to talk to my Dad is in my head.

However I accept this as I know that one day we all will die it is an inevitable, a non-negotiable fact!  Just like I accept that my Dad will not try any of the alternative treatments, that I tell him about, that I will be sad but one day I will have to read his eulogy (yep, pops has demanded that I put my degree to some use)
So I focus on enjoying the time we have together, being a support and when he goes I know he will have a kick ass celebration of all things Dave, with hats, cheese, cigars, whiskey and the best decorated cardboard coffin you did ever see because we planned it.
As my friend Lisa Clark said on today on her all kinds of inspiring blog Sassyology: "Life is brilliant, but really shitty stuff has, is, and will still happen." and my way of looking at it is I can waste my energy being angry with the world but it isn't gonna change the facts and if I accept this I can use my energy positively to make a difference here and now!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Dreaming of Pretty Dresses

Twee loves an excuse to dress up, in the words of Saint Audrey: "I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles." (okay struggle a tad with miracles, but I definitely believe in magic, Oh yes sir!)  

My next known excuse to dress up is one of my besties Emma's wedding!  I met Emma some years ago when she was going out with a friend of mine, this friend has faded away, but Emma has stayed and she is marrying lovely Paul, and I can't wait to share their special day and not just because it is an excuse to primp to the max!!!!

I had my hat set at this remarkable Vivien of Holloway dress, worn here by the fabulous Anna Fur Laxis:

However, disaster struck, this marvellous dress is sold out and there are no plans I discovered to restock until Halloween time!!! (Could you take it off your website please it is taunting me, giggling saying you will never own me over and over, and I can't bear it)

So I could go Vivien of Holloway in a different print I was thinking:

This beauty has cupcakes on it and comes in at £79.00.

Or I am a BIG, MASSIVE, Get Cutie Fan and I do covet their Starlett Dress:

However, story of my life the print shown Grizzly Cliffs is sold out, so I was thinking:

This fabric is Majestic Wings, unfortunately the Starlett Dress retails at a jaw dropping (for me) £155.00, but I do have another one of their dresses (short cap sleeve in Gnome print) that I live and die in, to the point where I have to state when I see people:  "I do own other clothes, honest!"

Or Hell Bunny have some rather spectacular dresses in their new (I think) plus size range, as my darlings I have not got Saint Audrey's gamine figure but rather more Va Va Voom think Saint Elizabeth in the ice cream years (Vanilla Bean with Hershey's chocolate syrup was allegedly her poison)

So here is the Hell Bunny Dress I am thinking of:

It is their Hawaii Dress and features flowers, butterflies and pin up girls cavorting, it is stocked at Soho's and costs about £49.99 in my size.  They also do a really nice Zombie print comic strip one, but maybe not for a wedding?

And lastly there is E bay, it is a great source of cheaper dresses and I have found these beauties hiding out there, on dress190:

They both cost about £30.00.

So dearest readers some feedback would be appreciated, then we can talk shoes and accessories, oh yes......

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Taming the Jungle

Here is a little secret despite my aspirations to be a domestic Goddess, who trots about in her immaculate house with homemade goodies that I eat with friends in my bijou garden.  Twee is a domestic slut of epic proportions and the garden well if it had cars on bricks and used white goods as its garden ornaments it wouldn't look out of place!
I am far too ashamed to show a picture of my actual garden, but think:

So me thinks a project is in order, I am thinking of a seasidey theme with pebbles so I can get rid of this pesky greenery and some pots for colour, and of course accessories to dress.

Inspiration has come from Betty Bee on her wonderful blog She has an amazing garden and beautiful things in it!  So my inspiration is:

The Candy colours of beach huts and the beach,

Maybe with a dash of vintage:

All I can think is I have a long way to go but I will dear reader (empty swirling internet cloud) keep you posted.