Monday, 26 October 2015

Local Lunches - The Hayman's Kitchen

When my lovely friend Micky said she was returning to Deal and opening up a Cafe in Walmer (For those who aren't local Deal and Walmer are pretty much the same place) I was super excited.  This August The Hayman's Kitchen opened, serving delicious homemade vegetarian breakfasts, cakes, soups and other specials, she has also branched out into selling amazingly delicious sourdough loaves.

The Hayman's Kitchen - photo from Facebook page

I have visited back when it opened but as I am a terrible blogger no pictures were taken but I can report my Mum had a homemade rosti and poached eggs which I can report was bloomin delicious, whilst I had the damn tasty garlic mushrooms on toast.

I have of course ventured back and this time indulged in the yummy looking cakes.  I went for the home made sourdough cinnamon bun which was sweet but not cloying whilst remaining deliciously moist (God I hate that word but I can't think of a better one) and with a decent taste of cinnamon.

My Mum is more of a traditionalist and went for the scone, which was served with butter and local W.I. Jam, cream is available but my Mum is not a fan and asked for it without.  She said it was delicious and I know this to be true as she didn't offer me a bite.

Micky is a charming hostess and the whole place has a lovely welcoming atmosphere. It is also great to have somewhere in the plethora of local cafes that is exclusively vegetarian.  To check out what other options or specials are planned there is a facebook page, which also gives opening times,

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Indie Hits - Snixy Swoons

The idea of this post is to share with you my love of indie brands.  I am a big fan of Indie brands whether for clothes or accessories and as a plus size woman I find a lot of Indie Brands really accommodating about doing bigger sizes.  Whilst I appreciate sometimes a dress from a smaller brand can be more money I find that with dresses from places like Simply Be coming in at £40.00 + Indie brands can be competitive especially for those times you don't want to look like everyone else.

I am not saying I wear clothes from Indie Brands all the time, for work I tend to be Primarni, supermarkets and Yours Clothing and I love seeing how people style clothes from chain shops for original looks and the Bargainista in me will always adore Primark.  However, I do love to buy from Independent Brands cos I feel like I am supporting someones dreams and livelihood, rather than paying for some bigwigs posh motor.

So the idea of Indie Hits is once a month I will share with you a Indie Brand I love and some of the bits I have bought from them.  So to start this of I am going to feature a brand  called Snixy Swoons that sell on Etsy.  I wish I could be all cool and say I found them on my own but I found these through a vlog by Betty Pamper of Pampers and Curves.

I then bought these necklaces in their sale for the bargain price of about a fiver for the pair

The brand features decoupage on wood, vintage buckles, toys and influences from Kitsch, pin up, Victoriana, classic children's books, pop culture and nature.  I have worn the cat quite a few times but have been too lazy to do a OOTD, but I am yet to wear the pin up style Hula girl but I am thinking vintage style top and jeans.  What really impressed me is despite my small cheap order it came beautifully packaged, which made it feel really special.

I was then lucky enough to win my choice of necklace a while ago, which I chose a wonderful Victorian Tiger in a Top Hat Necklace which I promise I will feature in a OOTD soon, well when life stops getting in the way.

Other favourites of mine on their website are these.

Pin Up Necklace £20,00

Other things making my wallet itch are the vintage toys as necklaces I love the Dinosaurs but this Zebra is amazing and could be coming to live with me.

So are there any Indie brands you love? or do you stick to the High Street?  Tell me a hook a girl up with new exciting possibilities!

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