Thursday, 28 February 2013

Long Time No See

Hello, I apologize I have been so very quiet on here.  If I am honest firstly I got busy as I got a new jobbins and following that I got a bit emo following the death of my precious Dad, and since then I have a bit (well a lot) lost.  My mojo has left the building and I have to admit I have not written a jot recently.
So I thought the least I could do is post a picture of the pretty dress I wore for Emma's wedding.  It is from the rather wonderful Limb clothing,  who also provided the dress I wore for my Dad's funeral.
The dress for the wedding not the funeral.

Thanks to the lovely Fran for her help in getting both dresses and I can't wait to get another.

And here is the pic of me wearing it with my lovely Hub.  We may have drank a few glasses of vino and a couple of shots by this point.

And in case you were interested, this is the one I wore for the funeral of my lovely Papa Dave.

I think he would have approved as he was a bit of a natty dresser, never happier than in a pair of red cords or a hat.
So enough of this pity party as even in darkness I believe there is good stuff, so here is my list of good stuff that has happened since I last blogged:

  1. My friend Emma got married and is expecting Baba Baldwin (number 3)
  2. I may be going to Las Vegas (well I am wheeeeeeeeee)
  3. I cut off my hair.
  4. I discovered chocolate peanut butter brownies at The Greedy Cow in Margate.
  5. I had a very nice Owl tattoo on my foot (Thanks Martin at Tribal Nation)
  6. I discovered Vampire Bunnies dresses and the Hub bought me a rather spanky Care Bears one for Christmas.
  7. I now appreciate my friends and family more than ever.
So what can you expect from me now, well I will try to blog at least weekly with reviews on restaurants, my adventures, perhaps a little fatshion (as a plus size princess I try to be stylish) and other random Mc Guffins that float through my head.