Sunday, 29 June 2014

Take a look at her eyes there real - They're Real Eyeliner Review.

A few days ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a product display of the new They're Real gel eyeliner, held by Benefit in Swansea, Debenhams.   It was lovely to get a blogger event this far west as they tend to only be in Cardiff if there in Wales at all.

When I arrived it was manic at all the counters as Prom Season is well and truely upon us and I must say while I milled around I watched the artists putting the make on the girls and they looked stunning.  Eventually I was taken to a back room by one of the benefit girls and put in their group make up room that was set out for the event.

I was early so no one else was there so I read through the leaflet  given and Benefit were making some pretty big claims stating the Accuflex tip made for more stable application and glides across the curve of the eyelid and had maximum control from every angle.  Hmmm we'll see I thought.

After a wait for other people to arrive the ladies came in demonstrated how to use the product then let us play.  So what did I think after initial thoughts that I am not going to be able to use that as the tip was unlike any I had used before.  It looks a bit like a art pen and you squeeze the product on like on a concealer pen, I can tell you that in my opinion it is a great product it did glide on easily creating a nice dark proper black line.  Even though i was scared of its gel formula having had disasters in the past with gel, it is quick drying and a little does go a long way.  I know that it did make my eyes look bigger as claimed by benefit but to be honest I think all eyeliner does that for me but the claim that it is easy to put on is true as even this clumsy fool managed her cats eyes!

We were then ready for photos which is based on the ad campaign of Roxie the diamond thief being arrested then slipping her handcuffs so her eyeliner is photo ready for her mug shot.  

Bitch face in my mugshot.

Goodie bags containing the They're Real Range were given that contained a mini mascara and eyeliner, and I think a full size remover.  

A bit of a moan is a lot of the Bloggers who confirmed they would attend didn't which was a shame for the Benefit Girls who had worked hard to put on this event as they wanted to do something in Wales that wasn't in Cardiff as they felt that there was not a lot for Bloggers in this area, and I know I complain about this, so in general I suppose what I am saying is us Bloggers who don't live in London, can't complain everything is in London if we don't bother to turn up to events in our own area.

Finally I suppose would I buy this product at £18.50 it is certainly probably double what I pay for my usual liner.  However, it provides great control, a lovely black line and was easy to do flicks with and yes I walked out of the event buying a eyeliner at the counter on my way out!
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Saturday, 28 June 2014

OOTD - Hide The Mullet

This was not the outfit I had initially planned but my hair is such a mullet, which wasn't even a good look in the 80's for footballers and kids TV presenters that a bandanna was the only way I could go and as I have a limited choice of these my initial outfit just didn't match it.

It was a casual day I was trotting around then going into Swansea for a Benefit Bloggers event, so I slipped on a pink jumper which is surprisingly cool and my trusty high waisted, slim leg Jeans which are both from Simply Be.  I cannot rave about these Jeans enough they fit me well, the high waist means no hoiking them all day and I think the legs are nice and slim, my only complaint is they do fade a bit quickly.

I hid my rather hideous hair (Can't wit for my haircut in 2 weeks) which is all mullety in a cherry print Bandanna from Dolly Cool which made me feel faintly Rosie the Riveter esque, hence my silly pose.

Then went on my Mario mushroom earrings that I found in a shop called Qu'tse in the Chinatown Market on Charring Cross Road.  I love these earrings and I wear them as often as possible as they cheer me up and I just love Kawaii stuff.

Finally I popped my new Primark wedges on my trotters, I love these they are very comfy, have bows and cost £6.00.

If you like any of what I am wearing you can find it here:

Jumper - Simply Be
Jeans - Simply Be
Bandanna - Dolly Cool
Earrings - Qu'tse
Shoes - Primark

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The State I'm In.

I am in a state of conflict about rejoining Slimming World, I don't want to be thin and probably never will be but through being unhappy living in Wales and seeking comfort in all the fast food and chocolate Swansea has had to offer I am feeling sluggish, unhealthy and yes would like to fit into some of my pretty dresses that don't fit.

My final motivation is being recalled for my blood test, I had a Ocular Melanoma about 6 years ago it was treated and I go once a year for a check up at Barts, no biggie!  I also have to have blood tests once every 6 months which checks for other cancers and my Liver Function Test has come back inconclusive and in honesty I am shitting it as the common secondary cancer is Liver Cancer and I can't help feeling my crappy diet has had a helping hand in making this test come back inconclusive and me having to go for a second blood test.

I am trying to get loads of nutrients in through juicing and upping my fruits and veg intake, but am struggling to remember how to eat healthily really, so feel something like Slimming World could help, although I know Slimming World ers that juiced fruit is a syn!

However, here's the part I'm uncomfortable with sitting there talking about being fat like it is a terrible thing and all the fat shamery that goes with diet clubs, but I am struggling with eating healthily and ideas.

Do I just look on websites about nutrition and try and devise my own rules, or do I submit to a organised club with achievable healthy eating?  Has anyone else joined a diet club or Slimming World and what is your experience?

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Fabulous Flamingos!

I love Summer it makes everything seem somehow better and like anything is possible, I remember being a teenager and seeing the first leaf fall one year and ever the dramatist thinking:  "this is it, nothing will be as good again!" a single tear trickling down my face.

This year I am particularly impressed by the Pineapple Prints that are about but the Flamingos, be still my beating heart!  I love the kitschness of them, they remind me of 1950's Vegas and cocktails with cherries on top!

I am particularly in lust with this beauty by Uncommon Nonsense and have it earmarked for my friends 30th Birthday Bash.

Also making my heart beat faster is the Palm Bling Range by the fabulous Black heart Creatives.  I have already indulged in a Neon Yellow Pineapple Necklace but these Flamingos are also making my wallet itch and a pair of drop earring would compliment the dress nicely I think!  Although the Palm Bling Earrings themselves would also be lovely!

 I am also having a bit of a internal struggle with myself over the Fatkini, I have seen loads of Blogger Babes totally rocking theirs but I am not sure I feel ready to push this boundary as despite feeling confident I worry I am too bumpy, fat and hairy, despite knowing I'm not, also I look very different to last time I wore a Bikini back in 1996!  But if I get there this Liz McClarnon for Simply Be is lush and despite her involvement in Atomic Kitten(Sorry any fans just not my taste), I think her swimwear looks lovely.

So what Prints make you think Summer and have you seen any cool Flamingo stuff and if so where?