Sunday, 5 May 2013

Kiss Nail Dress - A review

I love pretty nails, but I must confess I am pretty bloody hopeless at doing them.  So for special occasions I usually end up at the local beauty salon or begging a friend to do my nails or for hols getting Shellac if there is any chance of the pretty nails lasting the week.

Whilst on holiday in Vegas every Mall I went in had little stalls selling nail art stencils or what I am trying today nail wraps.  I didn't buy these in the mall but in Walgreen's (that place may be my spiritual nirvana more beauty bits than you can imagine and alcohol and snacks - I LOVE it!) Whilst in there I bought these by a brand called Kiss (not sure if you can get these here or not) and a Sally Hansen tatoo design set.

As seen in the box (Sorry Luddite me couldn't rotate the picture)

My super work station

So this afternoon in my highly jet lagged state I decided I would set to work.  It sounded simple right I stick them to my nail, fold them under and file the excess off - No probs even for a novice like me.  With one nail done and 2 wraps already destroyed I called for help from my beloved as the suckers curl up before I had chance to get them on my nail and once stuck to each other are tricky to get apart again, so between us we managed to stick the rest to my nails and they turned out ok, I think!

Finished result (sorry not the best picture)

So Here's the good.
Once they are on they are simple and it is easy to file the excess off.
It allows pretty fancy nails in a fraction of the time nail art would and I can imagine if you can do nail art it would be a mere stroll in the park,

The bad -
They don't fit and seem to be made for people with giant nails - to get them to fit we had to cut them down.
They curl up quickly and then seem impossible to try apart, which meant a few got wrecked before I had a hand from my beautiful helper.

Ultimately would I use them again, yes probably if I had someone to help.  However, I was a little disappointed with their staying power and found the ends did wear off a bit after a couple of days and that any bits that were slightly on the skin did start to come up, so I think it would have to be for a special occassion.

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