Friday, 28 March 2014

Boo Hoo Plus

Sorry I have been ultra quiet, but I have had a combination of the mean reds and the moody blues, which is a combination of me wallowing in nego thoughts and self pity, this has also been combined with a crazy amount of shifts in my real life job.  So clothes have been mainly sweatshirts (although my My Little Pony, Primarni bargain has featured heavily) as well as my amazing high waisted jeans from Simply Be.

Any how with this mood it seems appropriate that I am looking at the Boo Hoo Plus Collection sent me a press release about their rather fab collection, I had seen other bloggers talking about it but was rather wrapped up in my melancholy mood to pay much attention.

So what do I like about it?  I think it is youthful collection that could be a straight size collection which is good! and the prices are really reasonable.  The press release stated there are three key trends:

Chalk Pastels - which feature a hint of florals

Revival - Featuring monochrome and grid patterns with hints of colour.

And Brights -which will heavily feature neon pieces

Here are my favourite pieces from the lookbook images sent.  However, I am not sure every element is on the website yet, or it may have sold out as I am a little late to the party!

The Nicky floral sweatshirt is definitely on my lust list and I would love to try the neon green skirt.

So from the actual site I have quite a lust list, but here are my favouries although they are not what I would call traditionally me, I am trying to broaden my horizons and for some reasons they are the pieces that jump out at me.

I love that the dress seems like a true body con, the colours are bright and daring and it just feels fresh.  there are also some fab grey grunge inspired pieces but they just don't sing to me today.  I think I need zingy and vivid to try and pull me out of this funk.

Any way I think this is a great move it is a shame it only goes up to a size 24 which will exclude some from the collection but it is a great start and I LOVE none of these pieces are over £28.00.

So what do the rest of you think?

*Although Lauren from Boo Hoo's Marketing e mailed me, these views are all mine.

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