Thursday, 24 December 2015

Normal Service Will Resume


Merry Christmas Duckies, apologies for the lack of posts on this my little corner of the internet but I had a yucky throat infection, went on holiday then returned to be blindsided with a cold/flu virus that has virtually knocked me off my feet and made the most mundane jobs feel like climbing Everest - really you should see my house.  However, rest assured in the new year I will be back like Arnold Schwarzenegger sharing my Indie Hits, holiday which involves some rather nice outfits, even if I do say so myself, food reviews and whatever adventures I go on as we all know I am a little random.

I hope your Christmases are all what you want them to be and if it's not don't beat yourself up, it is just one day.  I myself will be working and the Hub is nursing a rather nasty case of Man Flu.  Anyhow whatever your day is I hope it brings you joy.

I have barely been festive this year but I did have a work Christmas meal that I made a bit of a effort for.  I think despite feeling deathly I made a pretty good elf, helped by Primark and Crown and Glory.

And with that I will wish you a Merry Christmas x

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