Sunday, 17 July 2016

Plus 40 Fabulous - The July Edition

Welcome dear reader to my much neglected Blog!  It is July and the Summertime Madness or Sadness depending which way you are inclined has struck and for this month's Plus 40 Fabulous we are talking Summer holidays,

I have to say I am a big fan of Summer from childhood it may be due to the 6 weeks off school and being a big kid I have never grown out of this and find myself becoming meloncholy towards the end of summer thinking as the first leaf falls that it will never be as perfect again.  I am nothing if not a little self indulgent and dramatic at times.

As a kid summer holidays meant the beach, ice cream, spam fritters and holiday camps probably in Scarborough or Norfolk with their unique naf brand of entertainment and me entering every contest and never winning,  I am still smarting at not being crowned Junior Miss Blue Dolphin,

I am the very little one
I retained my love of the beach through my teens and was thrilled when we moved to Deal because it had a beach, Woolworths and a Marks and Spencers which was a big upgrade from Market Rasen with it's biggish Forbouys and Co op.

Not Deal
My first holiday to somewhere like Greece or Spain came when I was 21 and me and my friends went to Kefalonia to work.  It was adventure we we're sacked for drinking to much then rehired, the bar where we worked shut then I got a job alone in another town but was unceremoniously sacked for not having a affair with my boss, he was short, in his 40s, blew dried his hair and being a 21 year old Shirley Valentine was not one of my goals.

Now as a adult I tend to do Winter holidays as who wants to be in Britain when the weathers crap????  But I do tend to have a little Summer Staycation.  A lot of this years Staycation will be devoted to the Rio games as I love the Olympics and geekily watch as much of it as I can.

However, some of my staycation plans will involve:

An Afternoon Tea.  My Mother in law is visiting and I am searching for the ultimate afternoon tea, so hit me up with suggestions.

A visit to Margate, Dreamland and a ice cream parlour.  I love the Margate, zero apologies given, I want to check out Dreamland and I want ice cream simples.

Not in Margate but in Broadstairs

To read the new Lisa Jewell book.

To Take some OOTD pictures, when I don't look like hell, I have some pretty fancy clothes that I would like to share.

There are probably loads more of things I want to on my staycation, but anyway I will be indulging and loving my time off in hopefully the summer sun.

I believe several other foxy forty plus bloggers have shared but please go and check out other blogs as there are some pretty splendid ones on the list below.



  1. I'm the same, I love winter holidays to escape the UK and in the summer, bask in the albeit short, summer sun. I love a good staycay and intend to make the most of Bristol, Wales and Essex over the next few months
    Sam x

  2. Oh! I would love to go to Margate and Dreamland too. Love this post and looking back on peoples holiday pics. And you can't beat a good cream tea! xx