Friday, 2 May 2014

39 before 40!

So as you may have seen I recently celebrated my 39th Birthday, so that means I hit the dizzying heights of 40 next year (I always imagined I'd be so much more grown up by 40)  So I thought to celebrate this momentous occasion I would set myself 39 goals and challenges, some of which are scary arse big and others are ridiculously small.

So without further ago I present to you my 39 things I want to do or achieve by 40 and maybe a few days.

  1. To eat fruit and veg every day - Cos if I'm honest I don't and it can't be good for me to eat like a 15 year old at my advanced age.
  2. To move back home, last year I moved to Swansea to be with my Mum following my Dad dying and it would be fair to say I don't love it (Sorry Swansea)  Now Mum says she will move back to Kent, we can all go back.
  3. To get a new job (necessary for the move to Kent)
  4. *Disclaimer*  I am not a dieter and have no intention of dieting properly, but a goal of mine is to get back into my Limb dresses, as I love them and they cost loads and currently don't fit my body as I may have been feeding my unhappiness in Swansea.
  5. Have a Brit Pop themed 40th Birthday Party.
  6. To start Burlesque Classes again.
  7. To update my Blog at least 6 times a month.
  8. Finally finish a shitty first draft of my book I have been writing like forever.
  9. Go back to Zumba, as it was fun and good exercise.
  10. Get better at accessorizing, as I can do bags and shoes but I struggle with belts and jewelry at times and I do get a little bit green eyed at other Blogger Babes brilliance at this.   
  11. To get something from the Blackheart Creatives Live Fast Die Yum collection.
  12. I think I should probably learn to drive as I have been trying to learn for like 19 years on and off, so I think it might be time.
  13. To feel better and healthier at 40 than I did at 39.
  14. Master putting on false eyelashes
  15. Following on from False eyelashes, I would love to perfect Cats eye eyeliner flicks.
  16. Get my 1/4 sleeve done.
  17. Do something to raise money for charity.
  18. To have a photoshoot, as generally I feel awkward and most unpretty in photos and I would love a kick ass set that I feel proud of.
  19. To go to London more, as it is only down the road and when I lived in Kent before I only went for hospital appointments or with work.
  20. Go for afternoon tea with my girly friends (well I am Twee)
  21. Take more photos.
  22. There is a bit of a poser in me, deep down and I would like to do some Plus Size Modelling.
  23. To be more of a positive person - as I can be a bit negative and oh things are only gonna get worse.
  24. See my brother's children, as he has 2 lovely children I have yet to see, as he lives in Norwich and I lived in Kent and then Swansea.
  25. Whilst I'm at it, to be a better Aunty as I am a bit haphazard with Birthdays and the like (Sorry kids)
  26. Grow a herb garden.
  27. Get a Wonder Woman Print Dress
  28. As a bit of a foodie I would like to eat in a Michelin Star Restaurant.
  29. To wear a pair of shorts, as I don't think I have worn a pair since I was a kid
  30. Start Saving to go to the Winter Olympics in South Korea.
  31. Have a midnight picnic on the beach.
  32. Go on the Harry Potter Studio tour (Would love go Harry Potter World at Universal but don't think I can afford this before I am 40, maybe for the 49 before 50)
  33. Find a wig that suits me
  34. Sort my garden out so it is a lovely Oasis, rather than a hideous eye sore.
  35. Visit Deal Castle, as I have lived there mainly since I was 15 and have never been.
  36. Go to Atomic Burgers in Bristol.
  37. Visit the National Portrait Gallery.
  38. Go to Harrods, cos well I have never been and feel like I should see it once.
  39. To actually go to a Bloggers Meet Up and meet some of the most stylish people I know in the flesh
I know they are not the most earth shattering goals, but I wanted things that were achievable in the space of the year, and of course I still want to go to places like Tokyo and Harry Potter World.

So what about you is there anything you want or feel like you should have achieved by 40?  Or is it just another bloody number?


  1. Hello, loved reading through your list.. l have one as well 50 things to do before l';m 50.. l've got six months to do them in and by the way ... l live in Dover Kent :-) xx

    1. Thank you I haven't cleared much of them although I have managed to move back to Kent and get a new job. I'm also managing a bit more fruit and veg and can do up the limb dress now! I live in Deal :) so just down the road, will check out your 50 before I'm 50 list now! xxx