Sunday, 8 June 2014

Fabulous Flamingos!

I love Summer it makes everything seem somehow better and like anything is possible, I remember being a teenager and seeing the first leaf fall one year and ever the dramatist thinking:  "this is it, nothing will be as good again!" a single tear trickling down my face.

This year I am particularly impressed by the Pineapple Prints that are about but the Flamingos, be still my beating heart!  I love the kitschness of them, they remind me of 1950's Vegas and cocktails with cherries on top!

I am particularly in lust with this beauty by Uncommon Nonsense and have it earmarked for my friends 30th Birthday Bash.

Also making my heart beat faster is the Palm Bling Range by the fabulous Black heart Creatives.  I have already indulged in a Neon Yellow Pineapple Necklace but these Flamingos are also making my wallet itch and a pair of drop earring would compliment the dress nicely I think!  Although the Palm Bling Earrings themselves would also be lovely!

 I am also having a bit of a internal struggle with myself over the Fatkini, I have seen loads of Blogger Babes totally rocking theirs but I am not sure I feel ready to push this boundary as despite feeling confident I worry I am too bumpy, fat and hairy, despite knowing I'm not, also I look very different to last time I wore a Bikini back in 1996!  But if I get there this Liz McClarnon for Simply Be is lush and despite her involvement in Atomic Kitten(Sorry any fans just not my taste), I think her swimwear looks lovely.

So what Prints make you think Summer and have you seen any cool Flamingo stuff and if so where?

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