Sunday, 19 October 2014

Blogtober#5 Bucket List

Apologies Blogtober came to a startling halt as I was finally able to move back into my house!  Yeay! meaning life and lack of internet got in the way of Blogging activities!  I am going to work my may through Blogtober as it is a great idea, thanks Nikki!

I have a bit of a Bucket List as life is short and meant to be lived as you never know when it will be snatched away as only this week a lovely boy who I worked with died and wasn't even 30!  I myself have had cancer and lost my Dad 2 years ago so feel like stuff to make you feel like your living is important.

I have a short term list that I wrote about here on the blog.  As well as this I have a longer term one and here it is.

To have a published book - I have been writing a book forever and it is hard but I would love this to flourish, be finished and available to buy in a major bookshop.

I am a geek I am not going to apologise and I would love to go indulge my geekery at Harry Potter World.  I am Luna Lovegood I think which HP character are you?

I would love to go Peru and see the Nazca lines and Inca ruins.  I think the patterns only visable from the sky are fascinating and wonder who put them there and why????

I want to go to Seoul, I find K pop, Korea its culture, food and history really interesting.

Tokyo, pretty much for the same reasons as Seoul.

To go to Glastonbury, I have been to a few festivals but have never been to the Daddy of them all.

And finally I would love to renew my vows in Vegas, we got married there and I would love to do it again but a bit less formally and with Elvis

So that's me what about you guys?

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