Thursday, 6 November 2014

Nobody puts Fattie in the corner - No they shove her on the Internet

I used to feel cross that High Street Stores put their Plus sizes in the back of the store, and whilst the internet has made things better I can buy cute frocks from indies and there is ASOS Curve who I think stock fantastic fashion forward stuff.  However, it seems that on the High Street this seems to have given stores the go ahead to just pop their Plus sizes on the internet and whilst I am sure they will tell me it is financial I can't help but feel this is bullshit and they don't want my fat body in their shop.

My fabulously fat self
Whilst the internet is fab and believe me and my bank balance I am  a huge fan, I lament the loss of shopping as a social experience.  I want to go out with my friends fat and thin and be able to shop, try on frocks and bottoms and not be restricted to bags, shoes and the odd top.  I want to be able to go out and buy an emergency pair of jeans for work when mine are looking a bit sad or I just haven't done my washing.  I don't want to wait at least 24 hours for something this sucks arse frankly.

So with the news New Look have banished my fat self to the internet by only stocking Inspire on the internet (apologies pulling it from 250 stores and probably leaving 5 items in the rest) I will be soul searching before I part with my round pound with them!  As if I can't strut my fabulous fat self into your store do you deserve my custom?

What do you think?

*Since this post I have been contacted by New Look (See Comments) who have stated that they are not removing the range from in the stores.  This is great news as I know a lot of people really liked this range.  Although I was really angry with New Look I am still not exactly cheering as in my area neither Canterbury or Westwood Cross stock Inspire to my knowledge and it does feel like it has been pushed as more of an internet based range.  Although when I lived in Swansea Fforest Fach had a really good range although again it had been taken out of the Swansea Store.


  1. Its like a step forward with all the yours stores opening and then 2 steps back! New look inspire sections have been getting smaller and worse by the day so it doesn't surprise me at all that they are pulling it :( x

    1. I love that Simply Be and Yours are opening stores, I will never bitch about that but they are dedicated to plus sizes, and I have a dream that one day fat and thin women will be able to shop together in the same shops :(
      But yes the sections have been getting smaller and sorrier for years and moving off the High Street into the retail parks. I just have a problem with selling on the internet not in stores it screams hypocrisy in some ways I would rather they were like some stores with their blatant no fats in our stuff, rather than we'll take your money where no one can see you, like a dirty secret.
      Rant over

  2. Well, you know how I feel about this. It sucks massively. x

  3. It’s #NLShan here from New Look Customer Services.

    I wanted to apologise for any confusion surrounding the availability of our Inspire range in stores and explain the situation fully.

    Last Thursday 6th November one of our customer service representatives incorrectly told another customer that we had removed Inspire from all stores. This was a genuine human error but understandably, it did upset some people. We are proud to be counted as one of the few retailers who offer quality and affordable fashion to girls of all shapes and sizes both in store and online. We currently have over 260 stores nationwide that stock the range and a really fab range available on our website. We have not pulled it from 250 stores.

    Please accept our apologies for the confusion and upset caused by our oversight and I hope that we get to see you in store again soon.

    1. Thanks for the reply. I think to be frank people believed it as many stores have diminished ranges or it has been taken out like my local store in Westwood Cross and as a customer it doesn't always feel that New Look is committed to representing the range in stores. I have amended my post to reflect your comment.