Wednesday, 5 November 2014

It's soooooooo Cute! - Meme Box Cute Wishlist 3

Anyone who knows me know I am a little bit South Korea obsessed, a day watching vlogs on You Tube of Seoul, Guilty as charged, and I have long been curious about South Korean Cosmetics and Skincare as I had heard good things on the internet and Vlogs like Eat Your Kimchi!  So when I saw on Adventures in Tea and Cake Blog  (The very lovely Kelly is another South Korea fan only she has actually been there) there is a American company that ships South Korean Beauty Boxes to the UK, I was well up for one of those bad boys.

As I love a bit of Kawaii and Kitsch I indulged in a cute box, so what was in it.

Inside was a Youngwoosa Oh! It's lovely and Soft Cream with a reccomended retail of $47.00 and a ddung Family Foam Cleanser which retails normally at $12.00

These are the only products I have tried and I will start with the cleanser, the blurb that comes with it has a lovely foamy consistency almost like a shaving foam when mixed with water and left my face feeling squeaky clean but I think it would be a bit drying for my skin.  However the Oh! It's lovely and soft cream has the makings of a winner it soothed the tightness after the wash and left my dryish skin feeling hydrated and plumped up.  It also is quite an attractive little pot to have on your side.

Talking of packaging I also got this splendid Shara Shara Fairy's Make-up Synergy Sun cream which I haven't tried yet but the blurb tells me offers a SPF 45 and will create a synergy effect with base make up that will help balance out uneven skin tone, so if the blurb is to be believed a super SPF BB cream, count me in and to be honest even if it is naf I really like the packaging it appeals to my inner 7 year old girl.

Last but not least I received some Tony Moly Red Cheeks Girl Patch which claims to give moisture relief to dry rosy cheeks, a Shara Shara kissing sugar scrub which is in the cute tin with the girls face and in the leopard print tub there is a Hope Girl tinted lip balm in pink, it looks very vivid in the tub but I think it will go on a nice sheer colour.

I was impressed that these were all full sizes and I think came to about £16.00 with postage the downside was that they take a little while to come.

Unfortunately the My Cute Wishlist 4 has already sold out, but there are other cool boxes such as The Wonder Woman Box here and no you don't have to thank me just enjoy!


  1. I got this one too! I wasn't sure about the 'cuteness' of some of the products (I find the doll on the cleanser well creepy, and I don't love the doll suncream thing!) but there's some great stuff here too!

  2. I kinda like the doll its sooooo tacky haven't tried the product yet, but the moisturiser is lovely. I am wrestling with myself whether to get the wonder woman box, the cutiepie Mariza and the Luckybox #11, I need restraining trying to buy just one but can't choose!