Friday, 15 January 2016

Plus 40 Fabulous - The Style Council - 0-20.

For this month's Plus 40 fabulous Lee has picked the theme how the influences from our childhood and teens influence our choices today?

Firstly my style is probably eclectic and so are my influences.  My early influences were from old films I used to devour old films on the TV and thought that most of the women in them looked amazing, especially their clothes.  I also had a book of film that was lying around the house and I used to pour over the pictures and wanted to be as glamourous when I grew up.  I also loved Blondie and thought she was the coolest in her white dress looking like she controlled the boys at the back on the front cover of parallel lines.

So from about 0 to 7 my influences were

Influences 7 to 11

My next influences were sassy. naughty girls with big hair.  I really wanted to be Siobhan from Bananarama or Marmalade Atkins.  I didn't do big hair cos my parents cut mine about this time and I didn't know about backcombing, but I did rock fake wayfarers, denim blouson style jackets and oversize T shirts, oh and those fake cheerleader dresses.

Influences 12 - 16.

My next influences I supposd mainly came from John Hughes films, I was sort of obsessed with Andie from Pretty in Pink and dyed my hair red wanting to be her, I also adopted hats, vintage clothes when I could get them to fit and flowery dresses/  I also identified with Ally Sheedy's character from The Breakfast Club, was in love with Tiffany's hair.  I also was a bit of a hippy and would stop around in tassled skirts from the local Indian shop, Karma, anything crochet , floaty and used to go in Oxfam and look longingly at 70's boots knowing they would never fit my chunky calves.  My main influences in this look were probably Melanie and Stevie Nicks.

Influences 16 to 20

I think these have the biggest influences on my dress sense now as I was a Riot Grrl in Doc Marten's and flowery dresses which morphed into Brit Pop and of these it was the retro, nostalgia of Pulp especially in the technicolor Babies video that influenced my style most and I loved everything about how Drew Barrymore looked, even modelling my hair on her at the time and I adored Edie Sedgwick especially in leopard print. 

Me rocking Drew hair

So there you have it a whistle stop tour of my style influences.  They all influence my style now but I guess the styles I was into from 16 upwards probably does the most still, as I still wear fake fur and leopard print, love Peter Pan collars and print frocks (in fact I would go as far to say this is my signature look) Hair clips and skinny logo Tee's are still my jam.  

Yes new influences creep in but I think the essence of me is tied up in these styles.  I am happy that I have had great style icons and whilst they might not be necessarily the most cutting edge or badass, I am happy and glad I have had them in my life.  I suppose the only thing I lament is I never had a fat girl to look up to, never knew that fat could be pretty, stylish and beautiful till I was past my youth and spent so long feeling well fat in not a good way.  I hope in 20 years when other women are doing this, that perhaps fat, stylish women will make their lists.

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  1. Bloody loved this post, and you know how much I love your style, so I pledge thanks to all these influences for making you what you are today! x

  2. What a fabulous post!!! We are similar ages, and I can certainly see myself in a lot of what you were saying, especially those Blouson jackets!


    1. Thank you I am glad you enjoyed it, those blouson jackets were so popular and so hideous xx

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  3. I love this post and all your style icons are fabulous! xx

  4. Ahh the 80's and 90's were just awesome for fashion. You really hit the Drew Barrymore hair right on the spot.

    1. Thanks for reading,it was a awesome time. Ahh my poor long suffering friend Tasha was responsible for the Drew hair but I loved it so much.

  5. this post is fantastic. I love all your influences and how you catagorised them by age. Your "Drew hair" is just like her!

    1. Thanks for reading. I tried to catorgorise them as influences can change so fast especially as a young adult xxx

  6. Love it, I also mentioned Ally Sheedy from The Breakfast Club as I loved her style. In fact I think most of who you have mentioned I loved during my teenage years! I was a total Brit pop girl! xx

    1. God I loved Ally both pre and post transformation in that film I always tried to figure out what happened on Monday with them. I think I am still a bit Brit pop with a dash of riot grrl in my dress or that's what I like to think x

  7. Love it, I also mentioned Ally Sheedy from The Breakfast Club as I loved her style. In fact I think most of who you have mentioned I loved during my teenage years! I was a total Brit pop girl! xx

  8. you look amazing with blonde hair Vicky. :) Is that you in the photo with the leopard print coat??? It's amazing. :)

    1. Thank you Mookie, It is weird to think I was ever that young and that blonde.
      I am the blonde in the blue dress, I wish I was the blonde in the leopard print coat she is Edie Sedgwick.