Thursday, 11 February 2016

What a Girl Wants?

Today I was scrolling through my face book feed when a lady working as a buyer for a company who is re branding their "Curve" range, posed the question:  "What would I like to see in their plus size range?"  I had a little think as you do, of course I don't want butterflies, hanky hems and those crappy embellishments, because who does? I am fat, I may put too much food in my mouth but I'm not blind and I haven't had a fashion bypass.
Then I felt aggravated in the question, not this ladies fault she is just doing research, but let me explain why, I felt so irritated.  I just think it is a non question really to me it makes perfect sense yes I am fat but I am a regular person.  So here's the thing if you have a decent straigt size range then I am probably gonna want to buy it, if it is a bit rubbish I probably don't so I just want the same sort of things as your average woman whatever that may mean.
I want to be treated well as a customer I want to be able to go in a shop have some choice, try things on, not be relegated to two rails groaning with tunics and polyester black trousers at the back of the store, yes New Look ,when you actually bothered to stock Inspire near me I am looking at you.  Although I suppose there is a worse version where I am barred from entering your hallowed store in person and must shop on the internet and I must say if you do this I am loathe to give you my money as if you treating my wonderful self as a dirty secret, you don't deserve my money, honey.
I also want you to treat my sisters who are bigger than the acceptable face of fat which seems to be size 24 with a bit of respect and stock their size too. whilst we're at it.
So basically what I think is what I want is what your average woman wants and the same respect as your average customer.  It's not rocket science, is it


  1. Vicky for president-this is so on the money. I too get bored at people treating the plus size customer like they have three nipples or a hump. We just want lovely clothes that fit us.

    1. Indeed we do Perelandra, I find myself buying more and more from indie companies and the states because at the moment very little in plus size clothing in the UK excites me much, although I do veer towards the quirky, perhaps!

  2. Well said. It's so simple to us, but so hard for everyone else to understand. God knows why! xx