Friday, 26 February 2016

Indie Hits - Janine Basil

I meant to try and write monthly about one of my favourite Indie Brands, but I am not a disciplined blogger and I write when the mood takes me and when I have time and energy as my real life job as a carer for young people can leave me really drained, so I'm not even going to apologise, my theory is if you enjoy my blog you'll bear with me.

Anyhow I am a huge fan of indie brands, I like them for several reasons.  Firstly you are buying something that probably not everyone else has, secondly you are supporting someones dream and probably I find the customer service is usually 100 times better than with mainstream brands, I don't think you can underestimate the human touch.

Anyway this time (I was going to say month, but honestly who am I kidding?) I am featuring Janine Basil a amazing accessory maker.  I have only bought her hair accessories but I knowe she also does shoe clips which look amazing and hats.

My love affair started with this beautiful star headband that I bought for my niece's wedding.  It was the most expensive hair accessory I ever bought at the time = it still might be but I have worn this often and it is much loved.

I have worn this loads and the quality is really good and it remains in very good condition.

I tend to go for a space theme for some reason so a lot of my collection is space geek.

This solar system headband that is made in conjunction with Sugar and Vice is also a firm favourite.

As well as these I also own some really pretty glitter bow headbands and a pink Hello Kitty - esque bow and some pixelated cherries that I don't have a picture of for some reason but you can find here

I also have this lovely heart glitter headband but I think I would have been better with a different colour glitter as I think it blends into my hair a bit.and again for the life of me I can't find a picture where it shows  but here it is in it's glory on her site.

At the moment I am trying to decide which headband to get for my college reunion to go with the dress pictured, so if any of you lovely souls who read could help, please drop me a comment.

There are so many things I love on her site such as the fast food bows, the unicorns, the poison ivy glitter headbands and pop art and geek inspired accessories.

I am loving her shoe clips and these burger ones combine two of my favourite things food and accessories and could really brighten some plain shoes.

To be honest there are so many things I love on Janine Basil I could do about a hundred pictures as I think her style captures what I love: quirky, whimsical, fun and colourful.  So if you aren't familiar with her stuff please look. I will leave you with this dramatic fascinator that I intend to spend my retirement in.


  1. Ive never heard of this brand but I absolutely love all the things you've shown here!!! Thank you xx

  2. I adore those shoe clips. They would funk up my dimple flats.