Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Down in Margate

I am a sucker for the seaside, I live by the sea here in Deal and there are loads of fabulous seaside towns around where I live one of which is Margate.  Margate is a bit Marmite, people tend to loathe it or really quite like it.  I'm not gonna lie, parts of it are bloody awful the advent of Westwood Cross the local out of town shopping centre killed the High Street and around the same time Dreamland shut and the seafront had the look of a place where winos and chavvy teens would hang out looking for trouble and fun.

However, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Margate's fortunes have began to turn.  I suppose it began with The Turner Centre and a few cool shops in what is known as The Old Town.  Then came a couple of Boutique Hotels like The Sands and The Reading Rooms, there is also the Crescent Victoria where I had a cracking scone in an afternoon tea that was otherwise a bit unremarkable.  Although I am told The Walpole Bay is the place to go for a slightly eccentric but authentic Cream tea.  Anyway I digress then Dreamland has reopened as a heritage Theme Park,  Yes, Margate is on the rise putting it's make up and lashes on for a comeback to rival Bet Lynch returning to Corrie.

A particular love of mine is the old town with it's quirky shops and on the first bank holiday I lured Mum there hoping for cake at The Cupcake Cafe, unfortunately that was rammed so I had to make do with a really good Waffle at Melt The ice cream parlour that belongs to The Sands, I also had a good wander around the shops as it is crammed with vintage shops and quirky boutiques.

Can you spot Las Vegas, Margate?

I loved these letters but they were a bit pricey.
I really liked this little Boutique that caught my eye as it had a Jarvis Cocker print in the window, unfortunately I can't remember what it was called, but the stock was really cute.

I then popped in Madam Popoff's Vintage Emporium which had the most beautiful stock and the best most helpful staff ever.  Who when I was talking to her gave me her card and told me to e mail my measurements so that if anything came up in my size that she thought I would like came in she would let me know.  I have to say as these pictures of the window display show it really does have some of the finest vintage clothing out there.  How much do I want that 60's style pink and white dress.

Finally I had to head up the High Street a little way to Rat Race, it specialises in Mod and skin wear but also reproduction clothes in general and have recently opened a devoted women's section.  Sadly everything was too small I think stopping at around a size 18, but the staff were really friendly and offered that I could try things on.  I fell in love with the houndstooth dress but alas it wasn't to be.

Finally as I said I stopped on the seafront for a waffle, I did stop in The Chocolate Bar first but the heady sweet vanilla and chocolate smell put me off, so I tried Melt it must have been good or I was hungry as there are no food porny shots, but the light must have caught my eye as there is a picture of that. Pretty innit?

So that was my day in Margate hope you like it as much as I do.

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