Saturday, 7 May 2016

Making My Work Wear, Work

Everyone who reads this blog knows I love a pretty dress, preferably in a crazy cotton print and as much as I love these dresses they would not work for my work life.  Mine is not a job where I get to swan about in pretty frocks I am a carer so my job can involve anything from the homemaker stuff, paperwork, doing activities to on some occasions having to hold people when they become out of control.  So practical is the name of the game and usually this means jeans and jumpers or T's.

However, dear reader I don't mind sharing I am bloody bored of this and I never feel nice or very me when I head to work.  So I think it is time for a bit of a work wear revamp and this is my current wish list.

1/ A Pinafore Dress - Practical as it has pockets and I can shove some leggings underneath.

Both of these are from Asos Curve and are £30.00, they both have pockets essential for work.

2/ The Tee's - A Tee is a perfect item to throw on or under what I'm wearing.  I gotta be honest I usually just throw on a Primarni special as they are cheap and cheerful but these Tee's are tickling my fancy.


Nicky Rockets

As I have said on numerous occasions I am a huge fan of a indie brand and I love these Graphic B Movie style Tee's from Nicky Rockets  and I think these would take a work pair of jeans from a bit Blah to something a bit more stylish.  

3/ The Jeans - Yes I know I bitched I live in these for work but these are a necessary evil in my life and following the death of my beloved Peaches Jeans I am liking the look of these.

Grey Jean - Asos Curve

4/ The Jacket - I need something I can quickly throw on I was quite sold on the idea of a bomber jacket but I saw this hollographic raincoat on Missguided, now I am confused before it was just a patterned vs plain debate - now I am just confused.

Now the only problem is earning enough money to buy these.  So if you know any hit me up with some discount codes.


  1. i think i'm lucky that i can wear anything to work so all my pretties get an outing - some great choices here, your workplace is about to get very jazzy!

    1. That is good. I hope it gets a bit jazzier as I feel so meh when I'm getting ready at the moment.

  2. that holographic rain coat is amazing! I'm lucky in that I can wear what I like to work which is much more than most!

    1. The holographic coat is amazing but sold out in my size :( Thanks for reading x