Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Taming the Jungle

Here is a little secret despite my aspirations to be a domestic Goddess, who trots about in her immaculate house with homemade goodies that I eat with friends in my bijou garden.  Twee is a domestic slut of epic proportions and the garden well if it had cars on bricks and used white goods as its garden ornaments it wouldn't look out of place!
I am far too ashamed to show a picture of my actual garden, but think:

So me thinks a project is in order, I am thinking of a seasidey theme with pebbles so I can get rid of this pesky greenery and some pots for colour, and of course accessories to dress.

Inspiration has come from Betty Bee on her wonderful blog She has an amazing garden and beautiful things in it!  So my inspiration is:

The Candy colours of beach huts and the beach,

Maybe with a dash of vintage:

All I can think is I have a long way to go but I will dear reader (empty swirling internet cloud) keep you posted.


  1. I feel inspired now! I already have a little pastel blue shed in my garden which kinda resembles a beach hut (in my eyes) Keep us updated on how you do :) x

  2. Thank you! I like the sound of the pastel shed, we have to rip the existing huge dilapidated shed down, I tried to say I thought we could rescue it but my hub says not! If finances allow then I will have a new shed which I would like a nice pastel colour. Thanks for being my first follower!!!!