Friday, 8 June 2012

Dreaming of Pretty Dresses

Twee loves an excuse to dress up, in the words of Saint Audrey: "I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles." (okay struggle a tad with miracles, but I definitely believe in magic, Oh yes sir!)  

My next known excuse to dress up is one of my besties Emma's wedding!  I met Emma some years ago when she was going out with a friend of mine, this friend has faded away, but Emma has stayed and she is marrying lovely Paul, and I can't wait to share their special day and not just because it is an excuse to primp to the max!!!!

I had my hat set at this remarkable Vivien of Holloway dress, worn here by the fabulous Anna Fur Laxis:

However, disaster struck, this marvellous dress is sold out and there are no plans I discovered to restock until Halloween time!!! (Could you take it off your website please it is taunting me, giggling saying you will never own me over and over, and I can't bear it)

So I could go Vivien of Holloway in a different print I was thinking:

This beauty has cupcakes on it and comes in at £79.00.

Or I am a BIG, MASSIVE, Get Cutie Fan and I do covet their Starlett Dress:

However, story of my life the print shown Grizzly Cliffs is sold out, so I was thinking:

This fabric is Majestic Wings, unfortunately the Starlett Dress retails at a jaw dropping (for me) £155.00, but I do have another one of their dresses (short cap sleeve in Gnome print) that I live and die in, to the point where I have to state when I see people:  "I do own other clothes, honest!"

Or Hell Bunny have some rather spectacular dresses in their new (I think) plus size range, as my darlings I have not got Saint Audrey's gamine figure but rather more Va Va Voom think Saint Elizabeth in the ice cream years (Vanilla Bean with Hershey's chocolate syrup was allegedly her poison)

So here is the Hell Bunny Dress I am thinking of:

It is their Hawaii Dress and features flowers, butterflies and pin up girls cavorting, it is stocked at Soho's and costs about £49.99 in my size.  They also do a really nice Zombie print comic strip one, but maybe not for a wedding?

And lastly there is E bay, it is a great source of cheaper dresses and I have found these beauties hiding out there, on dress190:

They both cost about £30.00.

So dearest readers some feedback would be appreciated, then we can talk shoes and accessories, oh yes......


  1. Rob the shoes and accessories '97 style and use the cash to get the Starlett dress.

    Much love
    Gramsci xx

    P.s. how I have missed your tone of voice oh Glamourous one x

    1. Darling Gramsci, that could be a plan. Although I did forget the original plan to bag a sugar daddy who would take care of all these things! Missing you like the desert misses the rain xxx