Thursday, 10 July 2014

This Fat Girl don't care!

I try not to read the Daily Mail like chips dipped in butter it's just not good for you, with it's incessant too fat, too thin, I'm perfect, I'm not, today we love them tomorrow we hate them sidebar of shame.  This paper is most read paper for women yet it promotes body hatred in a major way and has become a bit like the Katie Hopkins of the newspaper world

In today's gem the headline  screams: Why are today's young women so unashamed about being so fat? and the "horrified" Linda Kelsey who I presume has written this delightful piece to stop her from gouging her own eyes out from the horrendous site of young WOMEN (I note she doesn't seem to mention the legions of less than slender men who unveil come summer) who are going about their business delightfully comfortable, having fun and wearing what the fuck they like!

In her article which is full of fat shaming and full of concern for fat people's health, whilst never mentioning there are plenty of thin people who are unhealthy.  She says things like: "lumpen individuals", "super sausage of overhanging belly" and "an extra bottom hanging bellow" but what seems to upset her is that these women don't seem to give a damn and dare be fat, eat a bag of crisps in public and unlike Ms Kelsey don't cut back the minute that their jeans get tight.

The whole piece screams a bit of the I am paid to be controversial and in some ways I don't really want to give it any more thought than it deserves which is to be tomorrows chip papers, but I worry that it reinforces that all fat people are lazy and unhealthy and yes some are but then so are some thin people.

As a fat woman I am trying to be healthier but is it to lose weight no not really it is so I feel good in my mind, so I am properly fed and that my nearly 40 year old engine keeps ticking over, and no I am not super confident but I have worked to know I can wear body con and look good and I am working on my confidence to wear a bikini because who doesn't want to feel the sun on their tum and generally I am working on being the most confident, healthy version of me I can be who doesn't deny herself for 3 weeks then binge on chocolate inhaling it without tasting it then hating myself and feeling like a failure.

So my final answer to this piece is a picture of the beautiful, voluptuous and fat Tess Munster rocking it in a bikini as beautifully as anyone else without an once of fuck given and my ambition is to rock a bikini as well as her one day and if it horrifies Lesley Kelsey all the freakin better.

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