Sunday, 29 June 2014

Take a look at her eyes there real - They're Real Eyeliner Review.

A few days ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a product display of the new They're Real gel eyeliner, held by Benefit in Swansea, Debenhams.   It was lovely to get a blogger event this far west as they tend to only be in Cardiff if there in Wales at all.

When I arrived it was manic at all the counters as Prom Season is well and truely upon us and I must say while I milled around I watched the artists putting the make on the girls and they looked stunning.  Eventually I was taken to a back room by one of the benefit girls and put in their group make up room that was set out for the event.

I was early so no one else was there so I read through the leaflet  given and Benefit were making some pretty big claims stating the Accuflex tip made for more stable application and glides across the curve of the eyelid and had maximum control from every angle.  Hmmm we'll see I thought.

After a wait for other people to arrive the ladies came in demonstrated how to use the product then let us play.  So what did I think after initial thoughts that I am not going to be able to use that as the tip was unlike any I had used before.  It looks a bit like a art pen and you squeeze the product on like on a concealer pen, I can tell you that in my opinion it is a great product it did glide on easily creating a nice dark proper black line.  Even though i was scared of its gel formula having had disasters in the past with gel, it is quick drying and a little does go a long way.  I know that it did make my eyes look bigger as claimed by benefit but to be honest I think all eyeliner does that for me but the claim that it is easy to put on is true as even this clumsy fool managed her cats eyes!

We were then ready for photos which is based on the ad campaign of Roxie the diamond thief being arrested then slipping her handcuffs so her eyeliner is photo ready for her mug shot.  

Bitch face in my mugshot.

Goodie bags containing the They're Real Range were given that contained a mini mascara and eyeliner, and I think a full size remover.  

A bit of a moan is a lot of the Bloggers who confirmed they would attend didn't which was a shame for the Benefit Girls who had worked hard to put on this event as they wanted to do something in Wales that wasn't in Cardiff as they felt that there was not a lot for Bloggers in this area, and I know I complain about this, so in general I suppose what I am saying is us Bloggers who don't live in London, can't complain everything is in London if we don't bother to turn up to events in our own area.

Finally I suppose would I buy this product at £18.50 it is certainly probably double what I pay for my usual liner.  However, it provides great control, a lovely black line and was easy to do flicks with and yes I walked out of the event buying a eyeliner at the counter on my way out!
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  1. I thought it was going to be hard to apply seeing how it was but after reading your review I think I might possibly go try this out! :D I already have the "They're Real" Mascara and it is AMAZING! and by the looks of it the eyeliner is also amazing! Thanks (: