Saturday, 13 September 2014

OOTD - Sweet Saturdays

Soooooo I am aware it has been a while since I posted on my little bloggy, but I have been a busy Twee moving back from Wales, which hasn't been smooth sailing but perhaps more of that another time.

So today I have a rare Saturday off where I can indulge myself and see friends who work normalish hours.  So off I went to see my dear friend Maxi Moo for a cuppa and a snack at a new cafe in Deal where I live.  It was a nice morning so my pictures are quite smiley a departure from my usual bitch face.

Yesterday I dyed my hair a pastel pink over a pale blue so it is kinda pale pinky lilac which reminds me of sweeties, so I decided there was only one print for it my Vampire Bunnies Junk food dress.

I did wear this dress to Plus London last year but I love it so much I think you all need to see it again to truly appreciate it.  I like Vampire Bunnies and although they only do to a size 18 on the website, they do custom orders for larger sizes, making it longer and putting straps although they do charge a bit extra for this.  A lot of their designs feature the elastic back I have some mixed feelings about this as although it allows for growing and shrinking, I sometimes think it can flatten my boobies a bit in the sweetheart styles.

I teamed this with my trusty H by Henry Holland Denim Jacket from last year and my Red Mel shoes from a little shop in London.  I love these cos there Red and they have bows!

I also gave my wonderful Blackheart Creatives " Your the one for me Fattie."  Necklace a outing cos I'm the kind of girl who wants a cupcake with her Junkfood.

And as I am trying to grow the pixie out into a bob and it is getting longer (But not that long as you can see) I added a bow headband from Janine Basil to round it all off.  These are amazing and glittery and available in loads of colours too!

My lipstick is a Bourjois is a Rouge Edition Velvet in Ole Flamingo and I am impressed as this is after eating a Croque Monsieur and drinking a cup of tea at Deal's newest Cafe,  Hope and Lane.

Sorry I should have taken a pic whilst it wasn't half eaten but I was starving!!!  I quite liked the place there was big selection of teas and coffees and a small variety of pastries and snacks to go with this but no bigger hot snacks so probably won't become a local favourite for me, that said the Croque was good but would have liked a bigger cheese to white sauce ratio.

Finally a gratuitous shot of the church that was the backdrop for the pictures as I love Deal and there is many pretty buildings in my little town.

Shop my look:

Shoes - Mel (similar here as old)
Denim Jacket - H by Henry Holland at Debenhams (similar here)
Headband - Janine Basil

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