Sunday, 1 February 2015

Men Like Nice Clothes Too!

The Hub is not a thin man at nearly 6'4" and as a size 3 or 4xl it can be a struggle, for years we struggled finding the biggest shorts in Tesco and getting T shirts in there too or Asda, and occasionally going to a shop in Margate that used to stock clothes for big men now sadly gone.  Then a few more pounds went on and this was no longer an option.

So then it was Jacamo not a bad selection but the sizing can be a bit hit or miss and you certainly pay a premium for being fat and we occasionally trawled the bigger stuff in Debenhams.  However, I have gotta say in all if you are a fat man there is a serious gap in the market and you have to search twice as hard to find nice clothes than as a fat woman.  

So I am happy that Yours Clothing has introduced a range for men, it is a bit teeny tiny and there are some good options I can deffo see the Hub rocking the burger T-shirt.  It focuses on tops at the moment so please bear in mind Yours some bottoms would be great as a boy cannot wear tops alone unless he wants to be arrested for indecent exposure.

So here's my picks.

I can see the Hub in the Burger T shirt as not to be a cliched fattie, burgers are his favourite and he certainly would appreciate the idea of a big man wearing a burger T shirt.

The Graffiti T shirt is a nice basic that I could see him wearing.

I like the Red and Black shirt and think it could either have a grunge vibe or a fat Dennis the Menace (yes I am aware it usually a stripe not a check but for some reason it reminds me of him) and either look I could see him rocking.

I love the green on this long sleeved T shirt and having spent hours scouring the internet looking for long sleeved T shirts for him it is a welcome sight.

I am really happy that Your have decided to add Menswear and Style XL are doing a men's catwalk as I think men have been seriously under represented in the Plus size fashion for ages, but could we  have some more choice for the boys please.

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