Thursday, 5 March 2015

Colour Me March

So it looks like Spring is finally rearing its glorious head and spring time outings are being planned, one is the ladies day at Cheltenham.  I have never been to the races and I'm not sure as a veggie animal lover if horse racing is for me, but I suppose if you've never been you can't condemn it.  Anyway I am still not going as I am working on the day, but was approached by etail PR who are sending around 100 hundred bloggers to ladies day and asked if I would plan an outfit to wear and who can resist planning a beautiful, colourful spring outfit.

So here is my colourful and very girly Ladies day outfit, obviously money is no object, nor the item location/  However, I have stayed true to my plus size roots and I would be able to wear this outfit as the dress goes up to a size 26.

The dress is a Ophelia from Lindy Bop and costs £34.99, I would probably team it with the lovely candy pink net underskirt suggested by Lindy Bop with the dress.

As it is the races some sort of headwear is essential and I thought this beautiful fascinator from Crown and Glory would be just perfect.  It costs £25.99 and I think it is just really girly and screams spring and summer to me.

Finally these are gorgeous Robbie shoes from BAIT footwear an American Brand that I love and dearly hope will start selling in the UK (please make it so if anyone is reading) they cost $68.00 and are pink and sparkly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is my lovely Ladies Day outfit which screams girly and pink to me, can't wait to see what other bloggers would wear.


  1. I love this outfit. :) The shoes are adorable... I need to take a look at the website. :) We should get together sometime by the way... Text me and we could find a day. Xxx

    1. Those shoes are just amazing, I am just always a bit cautious of buying from the US, especially for shoes :( Deffo on a get together, will text soon lovely xxx