Sunday, 5 April 2015

OOTD - It's my Birthday and I will wear what I want to.

This weekend I celebrated my 40th with a weekend in London with the Hub, we shopped, munched, went to galleries and to a musical.  It was amazing and really bloomin special and I feel like a really lucky girl.

So what did I wear for this adventure?  Well as a young girl I had always wanted a ballerina dress or a tutu and had longed for one but had never owned one so what else could it be.

I loved wearing this and felt swishy and special all day, but a slight word of warning going to the toilet in a tutu was a bit of a nightmare and the Hub did have to help me out a bit with readjustment afterwards.  As some of you know I have been searching for a plus size tutu that is coloured for a while and this one is from MT Coffinz, which are US based but Elsie's Attic have also got some nice looking ones.

My only regret for the day is my hair was a bit flat as I forgot my hairdryer, Doh! and I flirted with a nude lip that made me look a bit washed out in my opinion.

I teamed my Tutu with a Nasa crop top from Primark and my old H bu Henry Holland denim jacket, although I think a pastel biker jacket would look slightly better.  I also had a fab necklace saying Fabulous Forty made by Blackheart Creatives made but none of the pictures really do it full justice.

However the silver sandals I had bought to wear with it didn't go at all, remember kids always try an outfit out at home first, but by chance my new trainers went perfectly and as my feet were aching from my shopping march the day before that was a blessing.

I will leave you with a pic of my new trainers which were a birthday present from the Hub, as they saved the day and are a thing of beauty.

Outfit details:
Denim Jacket - H by Henry Holland (old)
Nasa Crop Top - Primark
Tutu -MT Coffinz
Trainers _ Adidas at Schuh


  1. You absolutely rock that tutu! Sounds like an amazing weekend, so glad you had a good one! x

    1. Thank you lovely lady! It really was amaze did you have fun too? x

  2. Glad to see that finally got a tutu honey. I love how you styled it with trainers and a tee, really fun and fresh. Great post honey x

  3. You are totally rocking that tutu. I love it!