Monday, 13 April 2015

PS International Wish List - Mod Cloth

When Debs from Wannabee Princess suggested an Plus sized International Wish List of what we would have spent in an International Store if customs and expensive postage were not prohibitive, it was a no brainer it had to be Mod Cloth!  A brand I have lusted after and idled away many an afternoon looking at their beautiful clothes and homeware too.

I am just about to pop my Mod Cloth Cherry as I have ordered their stylish surprise (but more of that in a later blog) but until then here is my lust list.

I spend a lot of time at work in my jeans and what could be more perfect to team my jeans with than a navy tee with a dipped hem, with oh a space cat in a stylish wig on the front.  How could T shirts get better than this.

I may have mentioned I am all about the prints and this dress is just amazing with it's Grand Canyon style print complete with Cactus', prints like this are one of the things I adore about Mod Cloth.

Still all about those prints and hooked on my favourite animals, regular readers will know I have a love of my life a rather elderly Staff X Lab called Madame Beyonce, who I think would approve of this print.

As I have spoken about before I am a huge fan of the 60's and this dress makes me want to put my hair in a beehive (well if i had hair) pop on eyeliner and a pale lippie and dance around my front room to some old tunes.

There are quite a lot of these Novel Tee's on Mod Cloth of classic Novels and I love them all, but this is my favourite one of Madeline, the story of little red head living in at a boarding school with eleven other girls.  

Blossom and Found Dress $104.99
There are a lot of these beautiful party dresses on Mod Cloth and I think this one as well as being stunning and having a Black Swan vibe about it (or that might just be me) really shows that diversity in sizes can be done as it runs from a tiny US size 2 to a curvaceous US size 26, UK manufactures take note.

I have wanted a fatkini for a while and I love this one at $89.99 if this was translated into pounds I think it would be a bit over what I would want to pay, but hey it's a wish list right?

Finally I really like these dresses that are made to look like a Tee and skirt combo and this one makes my heart sing a joyful song with it's stripy top and French Bulldog in a Beret, picture perfection I tell you.

So that is my list it could have gone on and on as there is loads of choice over 1400 items in their plus sizes, which made me feel like a fat girl in a department store and  I didn't touch on homeware, accessories or shoes all of which have loads of lovely things.  Please Mod Cloth make this fattie happy and open a UK store.

I can't wait to see what all the other bloggers have chosen and please show the low by clicky, clicky on the linkies bellow. 


  1. Oh man that french bulldog dress is just killer cute I need it in my life bad! x

    1. It's fab isn't it there is also a T shirt with a cat with a beret, camera and glasses which I loved so many lovely things on Mod Cloth x

  2. Love that kitty tshirt! I saw another galaxy kitty top that I loved and forgot it on my list....
    SO GOOD!
    That canyon dress has totally made it onto my wishlist <3 xx

    1. There are loads of things I love! Why no Mod Cloth in the uK? It's not fair although it is probably for the best for my wallett