Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Day I Became The Unwitting Star of Someone's Vine - updated

Yesterday I was on my way to shoot with Chiara Aprea and this happened.  I was a bit hungry my train left at 08:30 and I knew it was gonna be a long time till I ate, so I had bought a sandwich in Sainsbo's.  I got as far as Dover and absent mindedly I opened my sandwich, and not paying any attention to my surroundings and began to eat.

 Before I even had a chance to say anything a bloke bounded over, saying: "I hope you don't mind I always wanted to do that, I was going to do it in McDonald's but they kicked me out."  I stated: "Would it matter if I did? You already did it." but he just talked over me saying I was a really nice woman before bounding away saying: "Don't worry I'm going to London."

At that point I wasn't aware if I had been filmed or not, I felt angry with myself for a while that I hadn't stated more clearly that actually it wasn't okay and if he had filmed it he needed to delete it because filming someone minding their own business without their consent is not okay. When I got to Chiara's I talked about it stated I was angry that I hadn't told him off and checked he hadn't filmed it and promptly forgot it.  By 8:00 that evening a friend messaged me asking if the person at 0:18 on this video was me.

 It seems I had been posted on Arron Crascall Vines a facebook page with over a million likes some of who are friends of mine, where me eating my sandwich along with other clips of Arron doing amusing stuff around London has received over 500,000 views.

I then came home and wrote a angry blog about consent, then decided I would message him as it was only fair he had the chance to reply.  I didn't really expect a reply and even entertained the thought it could backfire and I could be trolled by his fans.  Instead I received a really lovely reply, a offer to take the film down and a promise he will rethink his after shooting approach, on his birthday as well.  Which in honesty I couldn't have hoped for more.


  1. This is totally unacceptable-perhaps email him and ask him to remove it.

    1. I think I will do that but part of me is concerned that I will somehow receive some kind of backlash, but at the same time it is a matter of consent and me saying would it matter if I did, did not even imply consent really, but at the same time I don't want to lay back and play the victim.