Saturday, 28 June 2014

OOTD - Hide The Mullet

This was not the outfit I had initially planned but my hair is such a mullet, which wasn't even a good look in the 80's for footballers and kids TV presenters that a bandanna was the only way I could go and as I have a limited choice of these my initial outfit just didn't match it.

It was a casual day I was trotting around then going into Swansea for a Benefit Bloggers event, so I slipped on a pink jumper which is surprisingly cool and my trusty high waisted, slim leg Jeans which are both from Simply Be.  I cannot rave about these Jeans enough they fit me well, the high waist means no hoiking them all day and I think the legs are nice and slim, my only complaint is they do fade a bit quickly.

I hid my rather hideous hair (Can't wit for my haircut in 2 weeks) which is all mullety in a cherry print Bandanna from Dolly Cool which made me feel faintly Rosie the Riveter esque, hence my silly pose.

Then went on my Mario mushroom earrings that I found in a shop called Qu'tse in the Chinatown Market on Charring Cross Road.  I love these earrings and I wear them as often as possible as they cheer me up and I just love Kawaii stuff.

Finally I popped my new Primark wedges on my trotters, I love these they are very comfy, have bows and cost £6.00.

If you like any of what I am wearing you can find it here:

Jumper - Simply Be
Jeans - Simply Be
Bandanna - Dolly Cool
Earrings - Qu'tse
Shoes - Primark

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