Thursday, 19 June 2014

The State I'm In.

I am in a state of conflict about rejoining Slimming World, I don't want to be thin and probably never will be but through being unhappy living in Wales and seeking comfort in all the fast food and chocolate Swansea has had to offer I am feeling sluggish, unhealthy and yes would like to fit into some of my pretty dresses that don't fit.

My final motivation is being recalled for my blood test, I had a Ocular Melanoma about 6 years ago it was treated and I go once a year for a check up at Barts, no biggie!  I also have to have blood tests once every 6 months which checks for other cancers and my Liver Function Test has come back inconclusive and in honesty I am shitting it as the common secondary cancer is Liver Cancer and I can't help feeling my crappy diet has had a helping hand in making this test come back inconclusive and me having to go for a second blood test.

I am trying to get loads of nutrients in through juicing and upping my fruits and veg intake, but am struggling to remember how to eat healthily really, so feel something like Slimming World could help, although I know Slimming World ers that juiced fruit is a syn!

However, here's the part I'm uncomfortable with sitting there talking about being fat like it is a terrible thing and all the fat shamery that goes with diet clubs, but I am struggling with eating healthily and ideas.

Do I just look on websites about nutrition and try and devise my own rules, or do I submit to a organised club with achievable healthy eating?  Has anyone else joined a diet club or Slimming World and what is your experience?


  1. Please can I recommend you read the Metabolism Miracle? Or at least mooch the intro to see if what is described rings any bells of recognition? It's honestly changed my life, but you need to see if it's right for you. I lost weight for my health first and foremost. Tweet me when you get a chance to mooch it and let me know what you make of it xx

    1. I am definitely going to check this out Yasmin I am despite being fat really interested in nutrition, Thank you for the recommendation x