Friday, 20 March 2015

#PSBloggerLove - Michaela from Cardiffornia Gurl

The lovely Debz of The Not So Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess inspired by the #Youarefab and all the positive feels that gave people, has organised this brilliant challenge #PSBloggerLove.  As I have been inspired so much by PS Bloggers, feeling they have made me more adventurous in my choices and have helped a renewed love of fashion, I knew I wanted to show my appreciation and was thrilled when I got Cardiffonia Gurl.

I first heard of Michaela's blog when I lived in South Wales and loved the name Cardiffornia Gurl.  I was all excited then about 18 months ago as I didn't know any other psbloggers in Wales and excitedly went to check it out to discover she didn't live in Cardiff any more but London!  But never mind it was still a excellent blog.

I think I may have chatted briefly to Michaela at Plus London 3 back in November 2013, if I didn't I remember seeing her as she was wearing a beautiful Anna Scholtz dress in red houndstooth, that I was lusting over with biker boots and a cool beehive.

Although I have never met Michaela, she has made a huge difference to my underwear life.  As after struggling to find a decent strapless bra for years after reading her post on the strapless Wonderbra (a brand I wouldn't have considered as I think of them for thin smaller breasted women)  and seeing how well it supported her in the pictures I went out and bought one a decision I have not regretted and I have worn it to concerts where I may have jumped up and down a bit.

Over the years I think her style has developed and I think of her style now as effortlessly cool wearing beautifully body fitting clothes for night time and lovely fitted trousers and tops for day usually teamed with a lovely jacket.  She is not afraid of a pattern and frankly rocks these Here are some of my favourite outfits posted.

I am quite jealous of her photography as I think it is really crisp and lovely, using different locations I am going to try and bully my photographer (AKA the hub) to go out.  Also what can I say the girl also knows how to strike a pose, something I am still working on myself and I love the variety of poses she does as it really shows off her outfit posts brilliantly.

Finally until writing this and looking at her blog I had never noticed how excellent her tattoos are, especially this little beauty she posted a picture of.

Although Micheala's style is pretty different from mine that is what I love about the Psblogging world, we are all very different women with different styles and being able to read all  these amazing blogs with brilliant style ideas gives me different ideas about how I can dress, style things, shop and generally has given me more confidence in how I look and dress.  For that I will be forever thankful and if I can do that for one other woman than I will be well chuffed.

*All photos taken from Cardiffornia Gurl Blog.


  1. She has some crazy awesome style right so many looks I defo couldnt carry off and I love her blog xx

    1. I know not a style I do either but I love it. I really like seeing blogs with all different styles as it inspires me and encourages me to put my spin on it and change it up a bit, also would be a dull old world if all psbloggers dressed the same. xxx

  2. <3 Thank you hun. I've only realised how deceiving my blog name can be :( I'm still welsh though at heart haha xxxx

    1. I love your blog name and you can take the girl out of Wales but not Wales out the girl, right! Although I am a out and out Sotherner and back in Kent now xxx