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Book Review - The Third Wife

In my goals I said I wanted to read more this year I think 25 is the target, in the past this wouldn't have been many at all as I used to devour books like chocolate and probably read over 100 in year.  I am doing pretty well I think so far I have managed 5 books and I read this one a while ago and thought I would share my thoughts on it.

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I am a big fan of Lisa Jewell and have read all of her books since Ralph's Party usually as near to publication as I can.  However, I am a bit late reading The Third Wife I bought it at the end of July last year, I was in the middle of moving and I did try reading it then but for whatever reason I didn't connect with the characters as much as I usually do with her books.  Anyhow I started it again at the weekend and I must have connected as its finished now.

The Third Wife tells the story of Adrian Wolfe and his seemingly happy family, despite Adrian having left two wife's, five children and having being on number three, the younger Maya everyone gets along famously, going on family holidays together and are seemingly happy with how things have turned out.  Then one night Maya extremely drunk steps or falls in front of a bus. Through the fall out of this Adrian goes on a journey that leads him to understand more about Maya, himself and his family and if everyone is as happy with things as they seemed on the surface.

I don't want to say too much more about the plot as too many details could spoil it but I will reveal as I am pretty sure that it is on the blurb there is a mysterious character, Jane who seems to be following the family and part of the book is finding out where she comes into it.

So what did I think I did enjoy the book but found I wasn't as hungry as I am to know about the characters as I usually am with Lisa Jewell's books, although I found myself strangely drawn to Suzie, Adrian's first wife and wanting to know more about her.  Adrian is a selfish but likeable man who like many people has little idea of the damage his actions can cause although not one of his actions are malicious but generally although I felt sorry for him I found myself to be ambivalent about him.  As the book progressed Maya did fascinate me and what her motivations were and she is definitely present throughout the book in a way more powerful and present than she was in life.

I would recommend The Third Wife to others especially those who like well drawn characters in contemporary situations, well thought out relationships and a bit of suspense.  I think my only problem was with the ending which was a perhaps a bit happily ever after but perhaps not impossible.

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