Monday, 23 March 2015

Here's What I Would Have Spent Asos Main Range

When Debz from The Secret Diary of A Wannabe Princess organised another blogger challenge, showing what us plus size ladies would have spent I knew I had to be involved, as I have long had a dream of all sizes being able to shop together in perfect harmony.

The brand selected was Asos, who I have a lot of love for as they were a trailblazer bringing out their Curve range when no one else was really doing it, also it has a pretty good range and I feel they do there bit.  To be honest I don't look at their main range a lot as I know I will only want things and having looked at it for this challenge I am almost pleased that they don't do my size as I could be in financial ruin.

I didn't look at their whole range as the list was becoming ridiculous, but here are my favourites.

I love the a dress and the dresses here have a delicious retro vibe to them.  I love the pink candy 60's embellished shift and the loud print shifts that remind me slightly of a blind I had in my student house.  Finally I love the green jacquard dress which to me reminds me of what Audrey Hepburn would wear if she was shopping now.

I adore a print and this dinosaur print outfit is just amazing and I think this print would be up there with my all time favourites.
Again I am a huge T shirt fan and wear them a lot at work.  The Barbie T shirt reminds me of a cross between Nikki Minaj and Barbie, also I love Barbie and a fun fact is for a while I collected them.  Then the Cupcake long sleeved T shirt reminds me of Calender Girls and I can't resist Cupcake tits.

Finally those who know me both on social media and in real life know I am lusting hard over a tutu skirt and this one if there was any left anywhere near my size would be in my wardrobe, unfortunately I didn't know how generous the bigger sizes were until they were all sold out.

So there are my top picks and although I love Curve, God I could spend on your main range so come on roll out those perfect 60's style dresses, dino prints tutu's and fab T's so I can get my chubby paws on them.  

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  1. i really love all the barbie tops that are being made theyre so cute love em!

    I followed you on gfc! :) x x

    1. They are there are some nice ones in Primark too! Thanks for the follow I will follow you back x

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