Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Meet Teddy

Once I had a coat of magnificent perfection its name was Harry and I must say it was fucking marvellous.  I had lusted after it for a while in Miss Selfridge and one cold January day it went into the sale and it was mine.  It was a very obviously fake leopard print coat which for some inane reason people would ask:  "Is it real?" to which I would reply yes it was once my cuddly toy Harry and laugh.  In this coat I felt like a real mid 90's scene queen.  Alas Harry is long gone and few pictures exist of this mythical coat, bar this one of me and my friend Steve when we borrowed a Caravan on a Haven Park and bored one day dressed up as Sid and Nancy.

As years passed Harry became a distant memory and then starring at me on a bus stop advert I saw it!   Teddy who if coats were really people be Harry's uncle.  I looked on Tesco website and saw it was only available in a size 6, 8, or 10 so I thought I would go to the big one in Swansea where I found one available in my size and that the True Range is doing a version it was in store up to a size 26.

So I present to you - Teddy

Although I may look horrified this is my screaming in excitement face at finding an affordable coat of dreams.

Yes it is more Dynasty than the original Grunge version back in the 90's but perhaps I am at a point in my life where I need a little Dynasty, but probably give it a winter with me (I can be pretty hardcore on my clothes) it will be looking a bit more ratty and Grunge.   In honour of the original Harry I think of him as his flash Uncle Teddy who drives a Jag but lives on beans on toast.

To wear it is lush it is soft as a ball of fluff, swingy, makes me feel like Joan Collins even in a pair of jeans and has the feel about it like the original leopard print coat of dreams that anything could happen.

This is my what would Joan do Face
I don't usyally end with questions but I am genuinely interested do you have any long gone items of clothing that you can't get out of your head and why?


  1. Lovely coat! I have a grey and black leopard one from about 15 years ago and it's a bit Joan Collins in the shoulder pads but I love it. xx

  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of Joan at all, we all need a bit of glamour even if it is just to cheer up the supermarket shop x