Sunday, 28 September 2014

Only In Your Underwear

I LOVE underwear and always plan on being the girl with the lovely matching pants and bra sets and every so often I have a massive cull leaving only the pretties and none of the scuzzy chewing gum grey pants that are bloody comfy but frankly have seen better days and frankly sometimes in this working, cash strapped, busy girls life I sometimes just want comfort and cheap so Asda with their colourful Penelope Pitstop Pants at 3 for a fiver and Marks 3 packs of High Leg pants come in.

But this post isn't about that oh no!  This is about the fripperies I would allow myself is cash were no object!

I looked at trusty Marks and Spencer, home of my first bra.  Unfortunately at a E cup I looked at their DD+ Bras and was a bit disapointed but I thought this was pretty, but a boo goes out as the back stops at a 38 and the knickers at a 20.  But I do like it as it is chic, simple and sexy but come on Marks just cos your fat doesn't mean you want boring undies.

Again this one is pretty and going up to a 42 back is great but again big thumbs down as the knickers stop at a 20.  So on that note I stopped looking on Marks's and why they can kiss my round pound goodbye.

I said this was about money being no object but if you can live within your budget Asda is good.  I knowit isn't sexy but I think it does some lovely sets and goes up a bit bigger than Marks' and is pocket friendly as unfortunately for most people I know money is an issue on some level.  This Bra is fun, youthful, only £4.00 goes up to a 42 G and has matching knickers that go up to a 24 at £2.50 or 3 for 6!  I have got a couple of Asda bras the first I bought was appalling but I tried again a few years later and was pleasantly surprised.   Also Asad have a wonderful pair of Wonderwoman pants they are not a set so I won't put them on but if your a fan there here.

Now to the more expensive I have loved Curvy Kate for a while and they were so lovely in their bra fittings at Plus London that they remain a fave.  Their every day boost bra remains on my every day lust list and I will get it one day.  But making my heart sing and my wallet itch right now is the Starlet Frost set in Boysenberry.  Bit sad for larger fats that the knickers stop at a 20 and althought the bra does go to a J cup this is only for up to a 30 back whilst my size which is a 36 E is Curvy Kate Bras goes up to GG.  But I can forgive that for this glorious colour, the smooth but sexy lines and the retro style high waisted briefs.

Finally I think Simply Be have got some absolute stunning sets in at the moment.  I am loving the opulent full on glamour of the Anna Scholtz collection and this Vintage Rose one is beautiful, I bought the Pink bra and high waisted knickers from the Summer collection and I loved how it was packaged when it came but I would size down in the pants as I bought my usual 22 bottom as I didn't want a stretched pattern but they were frankly a bit big.  However I am hoping at some point this beauty will be in my wardrobe.

It comes with the matching Kimono and I dare The Hub to make a Keith Lemon crack at me, I swear it will be citizens divorce time, as the swishy silkyness and the print will make me feel like the sensuous type who could take lovers if she liked and drinks pink champagne for breakfast.  Oh my rich fantasy life.

Finally I bought this number the fun, flirty and cute Audrey Bra I love the Gingham print and that it makes me feel like a retro beauty queen.  At £24.00 for the bra it wasn't cheap in my book but I kept going back to it and looking at it which must mean I love it.  I would post a pic but I am unsure of how my work would take to me posing in pants online but I am wearing it as i type and I can confirm it has good support, feels sexy and nice.  My Hub said Wow which he explained was a good Wow, so all in all a winner.

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