Thursday, 25 September 2014

Yours Clothing - Swansea Opening

A confession apart from the £1.00 dress I have never shopped in Yours I have no idea why I just haven't!  I have seen a lot opening first Llanelli when I was living in Wales, then Ashford now I am back in Kent and I have still never been as I worked on the opening days then sort of forgot as they are not places I go shopping.

Anyhow I am visiting Swansea as I am sort of between here and Kent at the moment and I got a e mail to say a new store was opening on the 25th so it seemed rude not to go.

What can I say I liked it as apart from Evans in the Quadrant there is no other plus size stores in Swansea and New Look took the Inspire range from in the store in Swansea centre, so apart from Primark and Boots I didn't venture much into Swansea itself.

My apologies I didn't take any pictures of the store itself but if your local or visiting it is in the main shopping area of Oxford Street on the opposite corner to Top Shop.  The ladies in the shop were fabulously helpful and it was jam packed with pretty clothes with some good functional pieces like jeans and vests tops at good prices, I felt like the price point was a bit lower than Simply Be who I have used and do use.

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These ladies were super helpful the lovely girl in the the purple top took pictures for me in the changing room, sought out jeans for me, offered to get different sizes and implored me to buy a dress that I am afraid I didn't as I felt I needed more functional clothes.  Whilst the other lovely lady pointed me in the direction of the sale downstairs and who can resist a sale.

First I tried a lovely lace dress which had in my mind a slight Gatsby vibe to it, this is the dress the sales assistant thought I needed to buy and which I might at a later date.

I also tried a very floaty pink dress on that reminded me of summers days, it was very pretty and girly but maybe not quite me.

Then I tried some Jeans which were a good fit but a little long, a vest top which was a lovely fit and nice and long and a Kimono top that I liked but me and Kimono's have a bit of a love hate since the first time I wore one when the hub said I looked like a cross between a art teacher and Keith Lemon cheers for that love!

Finally I tried on a very snuggly warm purple cardie which I did buy again The Hub is not a fan but I really don't care as it is warm and I love the colour.

In all i was impressed with my first visit and felt there was quite a wide range of clothes and I used my £5.00 discount on some vests and the a purple playsuit (I didn't get a pic as I rushed down to the Sale whilst Mum queued) that caused controversy when Betty Pamper dared to wear it with bare legs and the trolls came out to play which I think I can rock this winter with the purple cardie, tights and biker boots.  Whilst my Mum treated me using her £5.00 off voucher to the Purple Cardie.

Some final words from the changing room wall on how the morning made me feel, I found this to be a warm welcoming store which will give plus size ladies more choice in Swansea.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the opening I really love the yours stores they are always so lovely and helpful. The first dress is a beaut on you x

  2. I can't believe I have never been they were really helpful and I may be being unfair seemed a bit more fun than Evans (my local ones the ones in bigger cities might be a bit more fun) I do love the first dress but I thought I better go for stuff that was a bit more practical for work and the like! Boo! But it might get a revisit! x