Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The 50 Day Spending Ban - Week 1

As I discussed in an earlier post my finances have become a bit slim after the excesses of Christmas and I have imposed a 50 day spending ban to try and get things back on track, the rules of which
 you can read here.  I thought I would do a weekly update of how this is going.

Day 1
Walked to town and had to buy some veggies would have liked to have done a proper shop but the fridge broke down yesterday leaving me with a glut of cheese that needs using.  Spent £9.52 on veggies and eggs, £3.00 on some pasties at the Butchers for the Hubs lunch and when he got back from work £1.00 on some Lemonade.  Sulked a bit as I walked through town and wanted the yummy looking Rye bread in the Deli but reasoned I had a loaf of Kingsmill and this is about mindful spending and using what I have, cheered up when the Handbags (the Chocolate bar one and the milkshake in case your interested) turned up that I bought from the sale pre spending ban

Day 2

Apart from a weekly train ticket to work nothing was spent!  A triumph!

Day 3

Had to buy some dog food for the little brown snuffler that is Madame Beyonce, which came to £6.18 in a Pet Shop near work.  Then I had to get some food in Sainsbos for The Hub for when I'm at work and some chicken for fajitas  This came to £21.41 so not the most exspensive shop and will last him a while when I am at work.

Day 4

Was really exhausted and overslept so had to get a taxi to work which cost just over a tenner, then I went to the cinema with work and bought fizzy bubble gum tubes and revels at £3.50.  A bad day hmmmmm.  Also spent quite a while looking round the shops with one of the young people I work with felt a bit sulky in Waterstones and HMV as there was loads of things I wanted at one point I even thought it's not in the rules that I can't have books, DVD's and CD's but I reasoned it probably went without saying.

Day 5

Bought a few bits in the supermarket which came to £9.00, also was so tired after work that chips may have been bought.

Day 6

Managed a spend free day which is good but did phone people a lot on my phone and ended up going over my minutes.

Day 7

Woken by the fridge repair man who for the bargain price of £48.00 told me my Fridge is permanently dead!  So ended up buying a new Fridge freezer but that was a necessary purchase as I can't live without a fridge!
Bought some lunch and bread in the shop next door so £8.00 was spent, which I am pretty sure is against the rules and if I am honest there was stuff in the cupboard, I then was making pasta bake for tea but when I went to look at the cheese it was too grim to use and Pasta bake without cheese just seemed sad so I am afraid to say I ended up in the chipper again........

What I have learnt is hopefully a proper shop next week will cost me a lot less and I deffo need to eat less chips.  I feel like even though I have broken some of my rules of the ban the take aways and shop runs keeping the diary and writing this today is making me more aware of what I spend and hopefully with the arrival of the new fridge on Wednesday I will be more organised, keep to the menu and less money will be spent, wish me luck!

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