Tuesday, 6 January 2015

#HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent - Simply Be

Simply Be is  known as being a huge plus size retailer selling quite a wonderful array of clothes, at least for me as size 20 to 22 at the moment.  However, it has been felt that with an increasing number of ranges such as:Kelly Brook where many items stop at a size 26 that they are neglecting those who have made Simply Be a success in the first place.  For example at the moment if you wanted to buy a new dress in a size 28 on Simply Be there are 345 to chose from, not too shabby.  However, if you are a size 12 who can shop pretty much anywhere you have 432 to chose from.

I know Simply Be have replied to this stating that it is because these bigger sizes sell out quicker and whilst there might be truth to this it does not answer why so many ranges stop at a size 26 or smaller.  As a major plus size retailer surely Simply Be could have some influence in saying no if we stock you our customers will want/need these clothes in larger sizes?

So in support of my sisters here is what I would have spent Simply Be as although I may be able to fit into your clothes it is a sad state of affairs when a plus size retailer is offering more dresses for any reason in a standard size than a plus size.

Firstly I have looked at things I would wear in the day, all of these items stop at a size 26 as far as I can see.

The Black Playsuit with its lace detail shoulders is a steal at £20.00 and I would wear it with wooly tights and boots through these Winter months probably with the lovely coat I have featured here.

The Long Haired Fake Fur Coat is at £70.00, but would look great with jeans and almost anything because in my humble opinion there are few outfits that cannot be improved by fake fur.

Finally this Orange dress which is part of Look magazines collaboration with Simply Be is £35.00 I love the orange and have the top that is part of this range.  I think it is gorgeous, simple and kind of classy.

Then come my evening outfits as there is a fat Barbie in me in screaming to get out and I love sequins, tulle and lace. It maybe a throwback to being a podgy teen who could never fit into these kind of things.

Whilst I appreciate Simply Be don't make 2 of these dresses I do feel that they should be putting the pressure on and only stocking Plus sizes willing to cater for all.

The Black Lace Maxi Dress is £70.00 in the sale and is by Lipstick Boutique.  It is beautiful and I think it would make me feel like Miss America as for some reason it reminds me of beauty pagent dresses.

The Little Mistress Prom Dress is beautiful, sparkly, floaty and with cut away cleavage detail it is everything I want in a party dress and £58.00.

And last but not least is the one that makes my heart sing and do a happy dance (although the anti fat campaigners who are out in force may say it is the start of a heart attack, but I know it is happiness) This dress is all my 80's fantasies come true it is off the shoulder and has a beautiful sweetheart neckline and a lovely swishy skirt and is priced £32.00 in the sale.

So there you go Simply Be that is potentially £285.00 you have lost out on as if I would buy these things I am sure many ladies over a size 26 would too.

Lots of other fabulous ladies have blogged on this and I would love it if you checked their posts out too.


  1. Great post - love this initiative. I ordered some lovely things in their sale recently so I will see what the sizing is like - I have heard they not only stock all the sizes but they also run small! x

    1. I have found the sizing okay maybe a little small, but they certainly do have some lovely things I just wish they were a bit more inclusive at times for ladies over a size 26 as everyone wants nice clothes, Thanks for reading x